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  1. Taylor04

    Autocross this weekend

    Hey the palm springs corvette club is hosting their spring autocross again. Usually have a good mix of cars, lots of run time. Saturday is supposed to be a vette/viper challenge. Hopefully the weather permits. Here is the flyer...
  2. Taylor04

    WTB - 109 Engine Block

    Hello everyone, I'm going to start building a motor for the car so I need a block and heads! I searched on craigslist and racing junk, but didn't find anything. Any help is appreciated thanks. Andrew
  3. Taylor04


    I purchased front upper control arms used from gobabygo. I sent payment on a Friday, he shipped the parts on Monday. Couldn't be happier, thanks a lot gobabygo!
  4. Taylor04


    Well what do you local guys think? Here are a couple pics...more in the suspension forum. I think the pedal feels much better than stock, and thank god the steering slop is mostly gone. I will be at the Palm Springs corvette club autocross this weekend testing out the new stuff. Not...
  5. Taylor04

    My hydroboost setup

    Well I took some quick pics of the install, almost finished! rebuilt astro van hydroboost firewall mounting bracket by turboc87gn master cylinder from powerbrake drivetrain rebuilt steering box reman steering pump from napa AN-6 fittings/hose speed bleeders (makes life much easier)...
  6. Taylor04

    Steering pump AN fitting

    What AN-6 fitting are you guys running for the steering pump? I know it is o-ringed just like the steering box and hydroboost fittings. I thought for some reason it was a special short threaded fitting. Do you use the same 16mm or 18mm fitting?
  7. Taylor04

    Van Hydroboost Aluminum Master

    Hey anyone know which alum master this is? MASTER CYLINDER CONVERSION I ordered it but then realized it says out of stock. God dammit. I figured if the kit worked well in the GM high tech article I would just support powerbrake-drivetrain and order the master to get my system working.
  8. Taylor04

    Power Steering Pumps....

    Okay I understand that the 86-87 GNs come with reverse rotation (CCW) steering pumps. Does everyone get reman pumps? Where can I buy a nice new aluminum one? I want a new PS pump for the astro van hydroboost setup. I figured this would get more attention in General tech. This is the pump I...
  9. Taylor04

    Getting closer on hydroboost, any try this PS pump?

    Hey I have slowly been working on getting the astro van hydroboost set up complete. I am having the steering box rebuilt by a local place (advantage west in cathedrial city, ca) but was looking at a new power steering pump. Anyone try using this one? High Flow Aluminum Power Steerng Pump...
  10. Taylor04

    Ebay Items - Parts off '86 GN

    These were some parts I took off my GN about 6 months ago. A buddy is selling them for me... 86 GN CS2 Radio Head Unit Item number: 220327979554 eBay Motors: Stock 1986 Buick Grand National Concert Sound 2 Radio (item 220327979554 end time Dec-17-08 19:41:14 PST) 86 GN Electric Fan...
  11. Taylor04

    145mph Speedo panel

    145 mph Speedo Panel/Overlay Previous owner gave it to me with the car...not quite sure of its value or if its the same overlay everyone posts about.... Not in show room condition but still very nice with no scratches/bends $55 Shipped -Andrew
  12. Taylor04

    New TT Street Chip thoughts

    Car: AR-60 turbo, KB Intake/Exhaust Manifolds, NGK UR5's, electric fuel pump...reads 40-43 psi @ idle and 55-60 @ wide open, Lucas Red stripe injectors, nice intake w/stock maff had it set at 15 psi with old skool KB chip from original owner and it would always ping a few times at WOT near the...
  13. Taylor04

    3 different

    So I have these extra chips that came with the car. Can you guys gather any info on them? Orange Dot - Kenne bell chip - I think the car has a KB 160 stat Blue square - Lou Chip 4.1? I'm going to check the chip in the car soon. It was at 20-25 psi when I picked it up, I backed it down...
  14. Taylor04

    New Pics!

    Snapped some pretty good photos the other day! Crazy Neighbor's stock Regal, thought it opted for a good picture. More pics: Grim 2.0 -Andrew
  15. Taylor04

    Cooling...So Cal Heat...Alum. Radiators

    So it seems that the F-body alum radiator conversion is pretty popular and works well, but I want to know what the people in my area are running for cooling systems. I got home today and the overflow tank was boiling....its definitely time for a cooling system. -So what does the trick for...
  16. Taylor04

    Engine Bay - Help with Misc. Sensors/Connections...

    Just trying to clean up some of the wiring in the engine bay and I found quite a few weather-pack connectors damaged/not connected. 1. This connector was next to the driver side manifold, looks like it melted. What is it? 2. So this one was found unplugged, car ran fine until the...
  17. Taylor04

    I found my GN.

    Picked her up last week in Riverside. 1986 w/ 82,000 miles. Car is clean!!!!....I love it! After a wash at its new home! More pics here:86' Buick GN Some of the mods: AR-60 (I think it says M24) Turbo, Intake, KB Boost-a-Pump, 3.73's, KB exhaust manifolds, and...
  18. Taylor04

    WTB 86-87 GN Under 70,000mi CA/AZ/NV $14,500

    Looking for a clean 86-87 GN on the west coast, preferably hard top. Do you guys think I can get one around $14k with less than 50,000 miles? I am searching!:cool: -Andrew