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    i would know if anybody use there v6 injectors on there ls swap ?

    delivery to BG few parts

    D-5 torque convertor 3000 stall $ 100 turbo precision GT-42 76 a/r 4 bolts 1.28 $ 1000 radiator support $ 100 stock air box $ 100

    misc parts from gn 87

    air filter box $100 stock torque convertor D-5 3000 stall $ 100 radiator support good shape $100 4 mags rusty need paint or re crome come with center hubs and tire are very old $ 150 all parts can be delivered to BG

    replacement for MSD cap and rotor?

    any of you guy found a replacement PN for MSD discontined cap and rotor?

    precision 88

    i'm looking to up grade to GT-47 88 WITH .96 EXT HOUSING

    parts for sell

    these parts are of my gn 87 can delivred to bowling green gaz tank $ 75 drive shaft $75 ATR 7th inj kit $ 50 torque converter D 5 $75 radiator fan $ 50 power teering pump complete $ 50 original radiator support $ 75 power windows kit $ 40 condensor $50

    distributor wiring to cams sensor plug

    i have MSD distributor pn: 8551 with 2 wire . one black-orange and one black-purple . where they goes on cams sensor plug?

    photos of BG 2014

    how can we see photos from photographer beside the race track?

    MSD dis 4 repaire

    Anybody know someone able to repaire a MSD dis 4 beacause Msd re not able to do it.
  10. MAXSIX

    msd dis 4 problem

    I got a DIS4 going bad at the beginning of the season send it toMSD after few weks Iget it back with a sticker on it saying ''not economicaly repairable or parts not available '' I bought another one on intenet it work good for 3 passes then go bad send it to MSD after fe weeks send it back...
  11. MAXSIX

    planetary for th 400

    what is the planetary I need for a mid 8 sec car with a th 400?
  12. MAXSIX

    headers stg 2 gasket

    What is the best headers gasket for stg 2 with aluminium heads?
  13. MAXSIX

    racing suit

    what is the specification for high 8's racing suit ? thank guys
  14. MAXSIX

    aluminium support installation

    Is it possible to have no room for the bushing and the support is about 3/4 inch to low for the inner fender
  15. MAXSIX

    race brake installation

    I bought aerospace racing front brake.My issue is they say I should cutting my spindle for the caliper bracket and they say tapping 3/8-16 but when I aline bracket against the spindle 1 hole can be aline but the other one be half of the hole in the spindle. Should drill the bracket and getting...
  16. MAXSIX

    Parts must go

    champion bracket A/C delete like new $210 shipped steering box,pump and oil tank $150 shipped
  17. MAXSIX

    Aftermarket front suspension

    What guys think about aftermarket front suspension is at worth the price.I know I'll save 25pounds what is the gain in weight transfer and how easy is it for adjustment?
  18. MAXSIX

    turbonetic HP-76

    turbonetic HP 76 21393 A/R .96 S trim B/B good shape 1 year use 4 bolts housing and v-band clamp. $ 800 this turbo is rathed 950 HP.could trade for aluminium radiator support, aftermarket front brake,aftermarket front suspension,champion alternator bracket.
  19. MAXSIX

    belt number

    What is the belt number for crank,water pump and alternator set up with champion bracket alternator only?
  20. MAXSIX

    aluminium drum brake

    I look for aluminium drum brake