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  1. wheelin

    Looking for mint White T-type

    Looking for a mint White T-Type no T roofs, low miles preferred. Mike
  2. wheelin

    After market sock(fuel pump)

    I have a walbro 340 pump what sock will fit it? Was told there is a chrysler sock that works but not sure part number. thx
  3. wheelin

    5857 dbb times?

    Just got my 5875 T/A DBB billet wheel anyone been to the track and run some times?
  4. wheelin

    Upper rad support color??

    Does anybody know what colour this is(upper rad support)? It seems a lighter shade than the rest of the piece that stretchs the entire width of the front engine bay area? thx mike
  5. wheelin

    Possible to polish with out 3D marks?

    Is it posible to use a machine to get the swirls out of your paint but not leave those 3D buffing lines in your paint? thx mike
  6. wheelin

    Trans cooler kit?

    Does anybody make a kit that comes with the lines and fittings for a stock appearing setup? thx
  7. wheelin

    WTB TT chip stock injectors

    Can be street or alky somebody must of moved up injectors and have a couple around.
  8. wheelin

    Stock Goodyear's GT tires worth??

    The stock Eagle gt tires if you found a set in great shape what are they worth?
  9. wheelin

    Ptc 9inch N/l

    This is the best convertor on the market,purchased from Dusty in the winter ,used for about 1-2 months no track time. This stalls at 2800 rpm,Dusty give's a free restall on these and he has great customer service so he may still honour that.This convertor drives around beatifully around town...
  10. wheelin

    WTB lokking for TT alky chip 60lbs or stock TT ALKY CHIP

    Loooking for 60lbs TT ALKY chip for stock turbo or TT alky chip for stock turbo. thx mike
  11. wheelin

    Alky kit hiding the injector hose?

    Any buddy have some pics of a stealth alky install hiding the hose for a clean look? thx mike
  12. wheelin

    GEN2 Wideband O2

    I have a GEN2 with a Zeitronix Wideband Air/fuel and datalogging system,Bosch wideband O2 sensor,Zeitronix wideband LCD display. Also have the caspers plud and play adapter. 400$ for all of it. Extemder Extreme G chip for 60lbs -90$ thx mike [
  13. wheelin

    Pics of my new GN 6500 Miles

    Just got this last week still has the new car smell!!
  14. wheelin

    Turbonetics 66-BB p-trim,PTC 9inch n/l, innovative boost controller

    66 ball bearing P-Trim polished housing. Bought at of end of season from Jack Cotton. 500 miles on it. 900$ PTC N/L 9 inch convertor 2800 stall, will work well with 67 and down. 500 miles on it. 850$ Innovative boost controller ,never installed 350$ Willing to trade or partial trade for...
  15. wheelin

    SIMMONS Wheels no more!

    Wanted to order a set of Simmons OM's they replied owner is retiring and they are done! that sucks:eek:
  16. wheelin

    Who set the TV cable from the factory?

    Curious who did it,did they use a gauge?,a dude test drove it to adjust properly?, or just did the basic factory reset?
  17. wheelin

    Stock wheels best tire setup??

    This is my 3rd buick but first ever with stock rims what tires and what size looks works the best? thx mike
  18. wheelin

    G-Body 17 inch GNX wheel

    Anybody know if bryan is still putting these out?
  19. wheelin

    bone stock trans

    Who sells the best shift kit, does a brand new gn need one?:biggrin: mike
  20. wheelin

    WTB Low mile GN

    Looking for a mint GN hardtop or sunroof.After market paint or real nice factory paint. Minor bolt-ons are fine. mike