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    You know it's temperature related, you know it started after the installation of an AEM A/F gauge, changed to an LT-1 MAF with translator and added a powerlogger. First when you get the error confirm the what the voltage reading is at the 5V wire the gauge is reading. Next buy a can of that...
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    Update seems to be working OK

    What do all the colors mean on the forum home page purple, green blue etc
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    So.....Where was YOUR TB originally purchased??

    Dickinson Buick Fayetteville, NC long ago closed down. Ordered in Oct 1987 and delivered in Dec 1987
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    Quikee Turbo Regal Contest(s)

    Dennis I believe the battery would have been different as well as the Delco replacement batteries did not have the charge indicator eye that showed green when the battery was at full charge.
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    I'm seriously considering a Hellcat guys

    You can get Hellcat 36 month leases with just tax down and $499 a month with 10-12K mi a year. Way over stocked on HCs and they are dealing.
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    WTB: Original delco battery

    Problem is anyone who has held on to an original battery this long is probably not going to part with it. I believe in order to reproduce it they will end up up cutting an original apart to make the molds. Might try over on the Corvette forum and see if anyone over there has one.
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    Here's a list of bulb numbers

    Great reference. Thank you for posting
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    I fear change

    I usually do not like change, but this refresh of the site is a definite improvement over the last version. Good job.
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    my email is

    my email is
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    I'll take 2 how would like payment paypal or check? Bill Strobel

    I'll take 2 how would like payment paypal or check? Bill Strobel
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    Cannot Be Unseen, My Eyes Hurt

    Don't look Ethyl.
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    Ct state police Grand National poster

    I'll take 2 when you get them done.
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    Bought '14 Ford Taurus SHO looking for a forum.

    Not as active as this one, but covers all of the SHOs since 1989. Also have a look at the SHO Club Been around since 1992. Every year we have a convention that is a lot of fun. Always includes 1 or 2 track days (road...
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    Big mistake I made.... Bought on Ebay

    Looks good for $2900 You got a bargain. Parts or fix it up.
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    Factory Correct Delco Freedom Battery Stickers

    I'll take 2 let me know when they are ready. Cheers
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    New Carolina's Section!

    Alright, I'm over in Fayetteville. Glad to see our own section.
  17. theamcguy

    New Contest With Prizes Mr AMC Guy for his posting for me. I had this cartoon done years ago never used it in the Buick newsletters. Shows of course a Yugo caption would read: Real reason the Yugo has a rear defroster is to keep your hands warm when you gotta push it in the winter. I wonder if the winner...
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    New Contest With Prizes

    Special thanz again to Mr AMC Guy who posts all my photos. Here is the single one page flyer that hypes the all new 1990 Yugo Cabrio which I surmise is a fancy word in the Yugo language for convertible. One side gives all the exciting specs such as 0-60 times in 12.4 seconds and the other...
  19. theamcguy

    New Contest With Prizes

    Here is the remains of a Yugo in one of the U-Pull It Yards I visit. Parts must be in demand as this one is fairly gutted. I think Brian of beat me to it.! Appreciate Mr AMC Guy for posting. few days left on contest!