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  1. hotairgnx548

    Good Wheel n Tire info!!

    ordering wheels for 275x60 mickey Thompson street radials what back space for 15 inch rims on a grandnational buick?
  2. hotairgnx548

    Good Wheel n Tire info!!

    what back space 275x60 mt street radial?
  3. hotairgnx548

    Upgrade from TA49?

    is your throttle body bored already?
  4. hotairgnx548

    BLM's & Learning to tune My '84

    where is your tps sensor
  5. hotairgnx548

    BLM's & Learning to tune My '84

    where is your mass air sensor
  6. hotairgnx548

    BLM's & Learning to tune My '84

    where does your throttle body air duct go
  7. hotairgnx548

    Hydroboost conversion help needed

    the rebuilt one I used was cardone brand
  8. hotairgnx548

    Powermaster pump connector

    get ahold of john spina @ caspers electronics he can fix you up
  9. hotairgnx548

    1st time at GsNationals motivation?

    I saw your car and also saw it run the 1/4 mile. you did a great job with it. john
  10. hotairgnx548

    Moving turbo towards the front

    how about some details. 87 intake and throttle body? whose intercoller and bracketry? looks good. john
  11. hotairgnx548

    Establishing Idle

    in your initial comments did you say 100,000 miles and stock (original) injectors? better call eric and get chip and new injectors.
  12. hotairgnx548

    1986 grand national shift console storage compartment striker and L shaped moulding

    where can I get a L shaped moulding and latch striker for my shift console lid latch on my grand national. john
  13. hotairgnx548

    Need some ideas on cause of ping/detonation under boost.

    throw some 110 octane gas in to mix with the 87/93 you may have in the tank. keep boost around 15 lbs. set idle fuel at 42psi with vacuum hose off. drive around to mix the gas. then see if does any better . don't nail it yet.
  14. hotairgnx548

    84/85 Ported Throttle Body from Gbody Parts

    what diameter is it ported too? john
  15. hotairgnx548

    No love for the hot airs

    do no do anything rash. hot air cars can be a lot of fun. ive had mine for 33 years . a 12 second hot air is very repectabile at the track even against a intercooled car. for sure against a mustang. john
  16. hotairgnx548

    New to me....1987 GN

    when i take my car to have exhaust work or any other thing i cannot do i tell them no one is to drive this ! period! the regular techs usually say only steve works on that car. better know the people at the shop or you may come to pick it up and get some bad news. john
  17. hotairgnx548

    carbon seal for HA

    if its worked for 2 years why worry. my hot air turbo without a carbon seal lasted less than a day.sucked about a quart or so of oil out of the crankcase and smoked like hell. john
  18. hotairgnx548

    carbon seal for HA

    that set up needs a carbon seal. john
  19. hotairgnx548

    fuse box location for powermaster fuse

    thank you for the reply. that was the one i thought it was. sorry if i sounded like a smart ass. john