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  1. jimski

    Aluminum radiator

    Where could I get an aluminum radiator that fits just like the original radiator for a 87 grand national. Also a 4 row upgrade would be nice .
  2. jimski

    Kenwood kac-1021 or kac-1023

    Looking for one of these amps let me know what old kenwood you got
  3. jimski

    Kenwood kac-1023 or 1021

    Trying to put toghether a old school car stereo in a 1987 regal. Looking for a kenwood kac-1023 or a kenwood kac-1021 pm me with what you have
  4. jimski

    1987 regal front full bench seat

    I need a blue oem seat cover for a Na regal low option car. It has to be a full bench with armrest . It also has to be in good shape.
  5. jimski

    F41 sway front bar

    Looking for a nice heavy duty g body front sway bar pm me
  6. jimski

    Torque converter cover and screws

    looking for a converter cover with bolts that hold it in... 2004r pm me price thanks
  7. jimski

    2004r low reverse cushion plate

    low reverse cushion plate needed for low reverse clutches. Thanks.
  8. jimski

    low reverse cushion plate.

    Hello everyone. I'm in a bind, I seemed to have misplaced my low reverse cushion plate for the 2004r bq valve body. If you have one for sale please pm me price. Thanks
  9. jimski

    Billet piston

    What are the thoughts on these, notice the bleed holes in it. It will not hold pressure.
  10. jimski

    T top parts

    looking for a nice center top ridge metal peice for the ttop. And possibly 2 nice front metal wing looking cover peices. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  11. jimski

    Oldsmobile 442 parts

    Looking for 1987 442 parts. Center console interior bezels in a gray color let me know what you have.
  12. jimski

    Torque Converter broken

    Some how some way the torque converter nose broke off . Trans was rattling real bad in the front pump area for about a year finally pulled slipping trans to find converter broke where it slides into pump.? Just put fresh trans in and new converter and I can hear a rattle noise again when...
  13. jimski

    2-3 slip prevention mods

    im going to start rebuilding this bq trans. It went out with 2-3 slip under throttle. Are there any mods that are a bulletproof fix for this terrible problem these units have. Any help appreciated
  14. jimski

    83 hot air waste gate

    looking for 83 turbo Buick waste gate actuator in good condition. If you have one for me please send pictures and price. Thanks
  15. jimski

    fitech and 6-btm

    Hello everyone.....I am tired of qaudrajets stock junk computers, was thinking 6-btm and a 400hp fitech setup. I think these two items are all i need to keep it simple. No more check engine lights for spark control fails and poor fuel mileage from the qaudrajet. Its gonna cost me money but...
  16. jimski

    ttaowner stand up guy

    ttaowner comes thru with a hard to Find part. Fast shipping nice part. Thanks I will be getting more parts in the future.
  17. jimski

    Parts needed

    what's up everyone. How is everyone doing. Looking for an a/c hose that connects to the back of the compressor. I upgraded to the aluminum bracket and now my 83 turbo hot air a/c line will not work. The angle is off. I actually need a fuel injected hot air turbo 1984 or 85 version of the...
  18. jimski

    84 /85 turbo motor a/c compressor hose

    Hello looking for the compressor hose for the none intercooled turbo engine in good shape. if you have one please Send pictures Thanks
  19. jimski

    air conditioning line photo

    Hello does anyone have a picture of how the a/c hose connects to the compressor. I have a a/c line but its orientation is not correct. A picture would tell me a thousand things. Any help gladly appreciated. also if anyone has that specific hose for sale I'm in for it.
  20. jimski

    Govener Spring

    should both these springs be left in there.