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  1. PaulieB

    Front suspension/steering gear question

    So, being a resident of Massachusetts, I have to submit to yearly safety inspections. I took the GN in yesterday and much to my chagrin, I received a failing grade due to what the inspector perceives as "too much play" in the front end when he performs the 3 o'clock 9 o'clock tire shake. When...
  2. PaulieB

    27 mile ‘87 GN for sale on BAT
  3. PaulieB

    Another Ebay beauty

    Looks like this dude was watching the proceedings in Kissimmee and figured he could cash in. Be sure to read his description as he specifically mentions "prices at Mecum in Kissimmee". Nice try buddy. :LOL...
  4. PaulieB

    Greetings from Western Mass

    Hey all! I picked myself up an unscathed, all original '87 GN last month as my 50th bday present to myself. I have always liked the looks of the sinister G bodies, and figured it was time to join the club. She's got 32K on the clock, and is bone stock, save for an aftermarket chip. I plan to...