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    Black GN headed up Ft Weaver towards Kunia about 0800 yesterday morning. I was in my bright yellow MR2 and got a glance as I took the on-ramp. Looked clean, sounded nice!
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    OEM Steelies w tires, lugs, center caps

    Time to whore out my parts... Selling my stock wheels w/ Douglas tires 215/65. Need the storage space back LOL... $400 includes my old lugs and center caps (cosmetically tough, but get the job done). I can show off my new 16x8 Black...
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    Dust cover bolts and dash top panel screws

    Aloha everyone! Looking for inspection cover bolts for my tranny as I prepare to install my new Drip Lip. Also need a set of the dash top panel mounting screws. Anyone? In Ewa, but always willing to meet for coffee! Thanks!
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    Inspection cover& dash top bolts

    Aloha everyone! Looking for inspection cover bolts for my tranny as I prepare to install my new Drip Lip. Also need a set of the dash top panel mounting screws. Anyone? Shipping is to 96706. Thanks!
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    Stock suspension stuff

    Now that my full Hotchkis is installed, I've got the old stuff out! Got stock arms, front and rear, upper and lower Stock springs, front and rear Sways, front and rear Anybody need some stock parts to keep as spares, rebuild, box and weld or what not? Make an offer!
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    Looking for suspension shop

    Any recommendations? Looking at my work schedule I don't think I'll be able to knock out my install in the time frame I'd like. I'm not crazy about having the car sit in my carport for 2+ weeks at a time on jackstands waiting for me to get time here and there... Might just have to bite the...
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    Cars and Coffee?

    Seems there's a few different formats on Oahu. Tomorrow there's a gathering at Nico's Pier 38 from like 8-10. Or on the 17th at Ala Moana near Nieman Marcus... But that's limited to preregistration of 75 cars. I figure all the exotics are taking those spots and there's no room for an old...
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    Cat hanger and trans/prop valve brace

    Hi! Looking for an intact cat hanger, to include rubber strap/ bolts/ c-shaped bracket for my 87. Also looking for the bracket/ brace that supports the trans shift rods and mounts to the proportioning valve. Shipping to zip 96706. Reference pics below:
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    Cat hanger needed

    Does anybody have a decent one they are willing to part with? Needed for my 87. Figured I'd try local before dealing with shipping charges :) Thanks!
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    NE Buick Caravan

    I'm planning to head down from NH to the Kirban's open house on April 30. Not sure if I want to leave at 0dark30 or maybe head out the night before, motel crash and be able to sleep in a bit! Is anyone else from the NE states planning that trip? Looking ahead, I'm also going to drive down to...
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    Two VP Racing Fuels M1 pails for sale-- NH

    Hey gang! I've got two new metal 5-gallon pails of M1 that I have to let go. We're moving back to Hawaii and I can't ship them. $30 for each can brimming with factory fresh Methanol! I've actually got three pails, but I'm going to crack one open and top off before shipping the car. If you...
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    Random Misc Parts off my 87

    New, Lower Prices! Parts off my 67k mile GN. I recently went to XFI so a lot of parts came off. I'll use USPS for shipping and most of this stuff can get in a small or medium flat rate box... figure +$6 or +$13 for the ride. We'll figure out the best way to get it packaged and sent as...
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    First attempt at Powerlogger logfile

    OK, so I'm super excited to have this finally installed. Got it in the mail last night and installed it about 10pm :) Today I familiarized myself with it and understand the interface a bit more. Interpreting the data is a whole other issue that will take time to tackle. I was hoping to...
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    Vac Brake Conversion for 87

    Hi folks, Looking for a complete vacuum brake conversion for my 87. Has to be a complete kit as my ability to source parts is pretty limited... so something with a TTA style vac block, check valve, pedal yadda yadda. Please let me know your best price shipped to zip 96815 Honolulu. Like I...
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    Turbo Buick FNG! Oh, Scanmaster data too...

    Alright! First time I can make a substantial post! First off, I'm new to the Turbo Buick world. Bought my car off this board back in March and transported it to Hawaii. There is a shortage of TRs to choose from on Oahu, so I knew I should "import" one. I'm trying to learn as much as I can...
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    another newb... howzit?

    Well not really! Returning to Oahu after a 10+ yr absence. I'll have my GN in mid-May and will be looking for meets/ cruises. Haven't really been there ever since HRP closed, so what's a guy to do on Saturday night nowadays? See ya --Matt