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    8.5 10 bolt gn rear axle, rebuilt, in michigan for sale, race ready! 1900

    Located in south east Michigan looking for a local sale or pick up by buyer. cash on pickup prefered Completely rebuilt by the Ring and Pinion Shop, no dissapointments Zero miles, READY TO RACE. just got it back from my builder, he has been doing this for 23 yrs Cant buy a used axle and do all...
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    jomar stud girdles for stage 3 M/A heads

    Open to offers, just pm me phone info for pics, thanks
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    120+72 LB injectors, Chips, RJC Plate, Plenum, Heated 02, Header Emblem

    I have some stuff here that needs a new home, postal money order is preferred for payment guys, thanks can send pics by phone if you pm me your phone number. shipping is to lower 48 states only brand new 120 lb trick flow stainless injectors from racetronics, perfect for e85...
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    72 lb injectors, reds chips, TR A/C delete plate, T- 400 HR mnt, T- body, Header emblem,other stuff

    have some nice parts i dont need, you might be able use them, thanks guys,...can send some pics by phone if you pm me your contact info, happy boostin, Rob... would like pymt by postal money order or regular money order please 72 lb injectors with 3 k on them, for modded ecm...
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    224/ 218 billet roller cam, nose hardware, 885r hyd lifters, rollmaster set, pushrods for champions

    would like to sell this as a whole kit since this cam was set up with nose hardware and a torrington bearing for a serious 3.8 or 4.1 block, is ready to run and has very little use...if your serious i can send phone pics if you pm me your phone # cost to duplicate this is about 1500.... looking...
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    what is the ideal bearing/ring/shortblock clearances for 109 block?

    lets hear from the engine builders on what has worked the best for them....looking to set up a serious 234 cube, steel crank, floating rod, je piston, roller cam 109 motor running 25 psi or so, thanks in advance guys....., 1 rods and mains 2 crank and rod end play 3 piston to wall with je...
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    3.40 steel crank, scat or k1 rods, stroker kit, roller cam, morrel lifters, 3.42 gears

    need these parts, new or used. 3.4 steel crank scat or k1 rods, 5.96 or 5.97 with .940 pin size roller cam, would like a billet comp 212/ 212, or similar to this would be considered, lmk what u have, also would consider iron roller cam with similar size, lmk morrel roller lifters may go with a...
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    who has experience with copper head gaskets, good, bad, opinions please....

    i am looking at using copper on a serious 109 block with wire located in block, and using .042 clark copper shim gaskets with aluminum champion heads.....need to hear from some of you guys with experience running copper will they last as long as other types for lomg term street use? are they...
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    steel crank for 3.8 or stroker kit wanted

    Need a 3.40 stroke steel crank, New or used Or a complete stroker kit for a 3.8 109 block Thanks, Lmk, rob
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    need opinions on build with cam and head choices from the real fast guys

    planning a 109 girdled motor that on paper can go 9s, but a low 10 street car with air and GOOD STREET MANNERS AND LONG TERM DURABILITY IS MY MAIN OBJECTIVE, that said, here is what i have for hardware and then i have a few options/questions that i would appreciate some input from you guys that...
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    need referral on buick 6 experienced machine shops in michigan

    looking for a shop i can trust to properly clearance a girdled 109 block for me, someone that really knows theses buick sixes, that can PROPERLY line bore and install girdle, and target some tight bearing clearances for me, looking mostly in metro detroit area, but will travel some for the right...
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    modded low impedence ecm, 2 reds chips 72lb.injectors, and nice lower intake

    72 lb injectors, only 3k miles, were 200, now..................150 shipped Reds pump gas and race Chips two for 80, now................25 shipped Injectors and both chips, now.....................................NOW.. 150 shipped great deal 86-87 lower intake, sandblasted clean with no damaged...
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    these are gm nos originals, they attach to the door side to seal when closed, both sides rt and lt. Available in black or black, sorry couldn't help it, had to say that, lol These are 349.00 from plus shipping New... Was 300... Would sell for 285 shipped to 48 states!! Payment by...
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    Looking for 110 shipped for the pair I have still in gm wrapper, Paypal included Or 55 each shipped including Paypal Lower 48 states thanks guys
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    Nos grand national emblems for sale

    Still in wrapper from gm, 110 shipped in lower 48 states, paypal or money order accepted. Thanks guys
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    That's right all 4 in gm packaging dated 1994.Hard to find is an understatment REDUCED AGAIN WAS 700 SET OF FOUR... REDUCED NOW 625 ALL FOUR OR 160 EACH NEW HOLIDAY PRICE IS 525 SHIPPED..WOW ....Payment can be made by postal check or money order SHIPPING IS EXTRA Thanks guys
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    HELP need to know width of 8.5 axle from outside drum to outside drum

    i would appreciate it if someone has one sitting if i could get a total width with drums on from wheel mounting surface to wheel mounting surface, thanks in advance guys, rob
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    package has been opened to inspect only, these are extremely hard to find and expensive, serious buyers should pm me please, hate to sell it since they are so scarce. but it will help fund a project, its been stored indoors for years, will be sold to highest offer not first offer, was 800...T...
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    REAL GNX rear suspension and axle possibly for sale, complete with frame mounts and hardware

    This is a feeler thread for seriously interested buyers, It may sell locally also. Shipping is extra, it is not mine, would be selling it for someone else that wanted to use it in a street rod but didn't. All pieces needed for converting are included with hardware, even has the weld on frame...