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    Car Fax Please- Thank You

    Hey if anyone could run this Vin for me that would be great, and thank you for doing it. Here's an email to send it to, thank you very much if someone does that. Vin 1G4GJ1177HP425436 Email
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    Need help with ignition..

    my key broke off in the ignition thing in the car and now i cant get it to turn back to normal where i could get it out. is there anyway i can take the starter part out and how... need help quick .thanks
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    wondering about youngest driver in a TR

    who is the youngest in age that is running a TR from everyone that owns one. Just thought it would be interesting to see what the age of that person would be.
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    looking at pt54

    My car is being built pretty slowly since i owe alot on it still. but when the time comes im going to get a pt54 for the car. and i was wondering what is the best times ran from one of these and max hp. also what is the A/R most people running this turbo using.
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    cheap rims for slicks

    what size of rim will fit on the car. cause i tried my buddies slicks and the rim wouldnt fit.. trying to get pair of slick before october.
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    Brake light keeps coming on

    when i push on the brake pedal and come to a stop my light on my dash keeps coming on.. does that mean my brakes are going out and if so what ones the front or back or both. thanks
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    Fuel Issue

    Ok today, when I was out driving around, and looking at my scan master it seemed like my fuel pressure was down. 2 weeks ago when i was at the track i had set it at 44 without the vacum on and with 40. So today when i looked at it there was a pressure of 30. But then when i let my car cool and...
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    Wher is a excellent place to send my headers to, to get ported and have a really nice high temp paint put on them to keep them some what cooler.
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    line lock

    Where is a excellent place to get a rebuildable line lock. thanks
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    converter question

    where is a good place to get like a 3000-3500 rpm stall converter. thanks
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    wandering what used torque thrusters usually run

    i found a set of torque thruster wheels with z rated tires that will fit my car perfectly. they are two 16s in the front and two 17s in the back. they are the crome set to. What is a good price to offer on these tires to buy. thanks
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    Need help. Quick . EGR

    hey i know what the EGR stands for i just need to know if i need to drill in my powerplate for the EGR or what does that do exactly need some help quick, got to put things together so i can get to work tomorrow. thanks
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    How to install b&m tranny cooler

    does anyone know how to install the B&M Racing tranny cooler. some help would be great thanks
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    converter lock up and ALDL

    i was wondering what wires went where on the ALDL for the torqye conveter lock up switch.... need some help cuase they werent hooked up when i bought the car....
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    RMI 25 and leaking radiator

    If i use distilled water and RMI 25 can i also use some sort of leak stop for the radiator or will that mess things up.. cause right now i dont want to buy a new radiator till i got the money for an aluminum one....
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    anyone ever hear of this for your radiator coolant

    has anyone tried 100% distilled water and water wetter... i heard that if you use that it drops the temp alot of degrees.... anyone suggestions about this
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    have no caty

    i have no cat and im wondering can i use one off of just a buick regal from the junkyard will those fit.. or is there another way i can pass without spending so much like ex. making my straight pipe look like a cat.. dont want to spend money on some stupid thing that i will pull of a sec later...
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    55 lb injectors

    where is the best place to purchase 55lb injectors.. and then where or who can make the conversion to the ecm for those injectors..
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    alky vs propaine

    i know how the alky works for the egine and what the results are but im wondering how is it compared to the propaine kits out there. and does propaine affect your engine in anyway. and how if there is any thanks
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    losing fuel pressure

    when i shut off my car i lose some fuel pressure from watching my guage. it takes a while but it will lose some. then it regains when i start it back up. im wondering is the pressure supposed to stay full even when my car is off and if so how do i fix this. thanks