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  1. Slick87gn

    Buick Alky bottle Sensor removal

    My alky bottle developed a leak. How do you remove the low level sensor??
  2. Slick87gn

    Alky tank leaking around fitting

    I tried tightening it but it stills leaks. What do you guys do when the tank leaks around the fitting. ALKYCONTROL kit.
  3. Slick87gn

    Finally fixed the leaks. I think ?

    '87 GN changed oil pan gasket ,bearing seal and valve cover gaskets which were cork but as hard as rocks. Have a slight leak in the front maybe timing chain gasket or oil filter seal. What usually fails in this area. Stock engine 145k. Thanks guys for all the info you provided.
  4. Slick87gn

    49 mile '87 GN on Ebay
  5. Slick87gn

    '87 GN wheels.

    These wheels are 30 years old and will need to be rechromed. Includes original caps. Removed from my '87 GN Also listed on local craiglist. 400.00 or best offer. PM for pics.
  6. Slick87gn

    Alkycontrol tank leaks

    It leaks right at the bottom hose connections. Any fixes or just buy another tank.
  7. Slick87gn

    New catalog coming from OPGI

    Just was at their web site. They will be releasing a catalog for us in the Spring.Naturally I pre-ordered one. Original Parts Group Inc.
  8. Slick87gn

    Changing chrome headlight bezel to black

    Has anyone did this before. i have primer and satin black spray paint waiting. Do I have to sand or just clean it
  9. Slick87gn

    GN drivers side headlight bezel needed.

    Needed for a '87. Mine split. minor accident.
  10. Slick87gn

    Jamcar223-Great seller.

    Great guy to deal with.On point through the whole transaction.OUTSTANDING !
  11. Slick87gn

    Header panel needed

    Need a header panel for my '87 gn. prefer one w/o ornament hole.
  12. Slick87gn

    Innercooled88s - is he still in the parts business

    Was using this sites search engine and it came back negative.
  13. Slick87gn

    Florida Builders

    Any reliable ones in the central Florida area ?
  14. Slick87gn

    Hot engine-no start .cranks normal

    After driving for awhile and parking.There is no quick starting. Stock engine. Except for fuel pump and big turbo. It finally starts and drives normal. 168,000 miles.
  15. Slick87gn

    A/C nice and cold. No heat at all.

    The fan actually operates at a higher speed with the A/C than the heater. The heater control valve was replaced 6 years ago with a GM part. Any help appreciated.
  16. Slick87gn

    GN Wheels with caps.

    4 original steel wheels from my '87 GN. With caps .one is pitted. They should be rechromed.250.00 pickup. Located outside Tampa,FL. Ask for pics.
  17. Slick87gn

    TSW alloy wheel torque setting

    Anyone know the torque setting for these wheels on a GN?
  18. Slick87gn

    4 GN Wheels

    Came off of my '87. Original. 4 caps and 10 lugnuts included. 300.00 Located near Tampa,FL. Picture Files too large . Email me for pics
  19. Slick87gn

    GN Rims,Caps For Sale

    Rims got to go. Been sitting for a decade or two. Has rust in spots and pitting. Original rims. 4 caps and 10 lugnuts.... 400.00 Takes all .Pickup . If delivered 550.00............. Makes you want to come and get it. Located near Tampa,FL My file is too large to download. Let me know where to...