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    1986 grand national shift console storage compartment striker and L shaped moulding

    where can I get a L shaped moulding and latch striker for my shift console lid latch on my grand national. john
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    fuse box location for powermaster fuse

    what is the location in the fuse box for the powermaster fuse
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    want to buy

    need a rh door mirror for a 1985 grand national buick (manual adjusted model)Call 2707901401 John
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    looking for part

    looking for firewall plate that replaces a/c evapaporator on firewall.1985 regal with a hotair set up. How much and what kind of shape is it in? john
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    windows 10 new laptop Bob Baily need help

    can not get my logger to load on my new laptop can you call me? John Bruce 2707901401
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    86 gn wont run

    A vehicle with a new fuel pump (someone installed). At first would not run coil pack a module now running fine for a couple of weeks. Then it quit one day. Fuel pump not running.Unplugged hot wire and hooked it up with stock wire. Would not run. put 12 volts to the prime wire and runs fine. Of...
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    Turbo trouble

    I have a hot air Buick. Has less than 500 miles on it. Yesterday started smoking out the tailpipes. In about 8 miles pumped almost a quart of oil out the crankcase. Turbo is a 62/66 with carbon seal never saw more than 10/12 lbs boost but it is 1 year and a month old. What are my chances. Never...
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    V6 Wix engine oil filter part number?

    what is the part number on a Wix engine oil filter? Thanks John
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    Hot air Rh Header & uppipe both stainless

    I have a Rh hotair header stainless and a Poston uppie pipe stainless for hot air both in good condition $325 anyone in the Bowling Green area . John
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    Spark plug gap for street driving

    Reciently Quit racing. What would be a good gap for A/C 43ts plugs on the street.Would .032/.035 be too tight? I always ran NGK ur5 @ .028 at the track. Car in my signature basically. John
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    buick v6 turbo parts at GS Nationals

    I live in Bowling Green about 2 miles from the hotels on Scottsville road. Got parts 291 engine on a stand untouched crank, resized rods, hipper pistons, correct oil pan, fly wheel, ran as hot air car 11.36 118 MPH ALL BUILD INFORMATION, frt cover, valve covers, h/d rocker arms, headers for 87...
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    I went to the track tonight. After 2 runs(11.50s) without any data from my power logger. I made and recorded a pass.Launched at 25lbs boost . I must have had it in 2nd gear and I got out of it. It ran11.169 @ 101 mph the following is the short time 1.58 60ft 4.431 330 ft 6.877 @ 99.53in the 1/8...
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    kit for logging fuel pressure on P/L

    Julio do you have a kit to set up the power logger to log fuel pressure? What has to be done and what's the price. John
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    fuel pressure recording

    what is required to record fuel pressue with a power logger? John
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    Runs good then starts to miss

    The engine in my signature abruptly stopped left me stranded and going home on a hook. Changed several things and the no start issue is gone. Now it runs and sometimes starts to miss. Hole #3 thermo gun showes not any heat after 2500 rpm for several minutes other cylinders about 500 degress. NGK...
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    3.8 hot air abruptly shuts off & would not restart

    Just put a 62/66 turbo on my car with a milled out intake( no dividers) Driving down the street after about 15 minutes it just quit and will not restart. Next day starts and runs in driveway for over an hour. Happened 3 times once before the new turbo twice afterward. I'm gun shy can't afford...
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    Looking forcwmccray

    Chuck how hard am I going to have to push my Hot Air car with a free flowing dividerless intake and a 62/66 with the billet wheel in it to go 10's
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    source for coil pac and ign module

    What vender has Delco ign module and coil pac Thanks John
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    Looking for cwmccray

    Chuck I tried to e mail you but they claim your server would not accept it. Anyway I took my car to the track sat. On the line it would not build boost past 3000 rpm( usuall llaunch it at 4000 +. When it went into 3rd felt like it was loading up aborted run. In the pits checking noticed used...
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    need hot air grommets

    Hot air parts for stock intake. Need pcv grommet and turbo drain tube grommet any one got source or part numbers? Thanks John