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  1. matt pavao

    Somerset ma home depo car show

    Anyone going this Sunday ??
  2. matt pavao

    looking into buying a 2step

    Wanting to know the goods And bads .
  3. matt pavao

    Need advice on what valve springs to purchase

    The cam I have in my engine right now is cc 212/212 hydraulic flattap cam right now the springs that I have are 979-12 should I go with the 980-12 or just keep what I have?
  4. matt pavao

    RJC power plate for PTE plenum and Maf translator

  5. matt pavao

    Headers and cross pipe for sale

    I'm 99% sure These are an old version of Kenny bells they're in decent shape no (CRACKS) out of a 1 to 10. I give Them 7 for minor blemishes I will trade for MAF translator with either a LT1 3.0 or a LS1 3.5 MAF
  6. matt pavao

    Trying to identify These headers??

    Thinking ART or Kenny bells not sure
  7. matt pavao

    Tring to identify a crank shaft that some one wants to sell me

    I no its not stock but it does say 231 3.400 witch I no what that is so I look to see if it had a serial numbers and all I could find is M040196.But that's not telling me much would any one have any CLUE on what company made this? thanks.
  8. matt pavao

    Opinions on Wiseco tru forged pistons

    Planning on buying them
  9. matt pavao

    What's the differents between scat H beam rods K1 rods and gn1 rods ?

    Not sure on what ones to buy
  10. matt pavao

    how much hp and what et will this combo get me

    109 block bored 0.40 over TA forged crank stock stroke scat rods RJC girddle w/ crank scrapper & all 4 billet main caps pro-speed forged pistons coated comp cams 218/212 hydraulic roller & roller lifters GN1 aluminum heads w/ 1.55 harlem sharp roller rockers GN1 intake CNC ported 65 mm throttle...
  11. matt pavao

    Audible knock alarm went off scanmaster read 0.0

    Has anyone ever had this happen Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
  12. matt pavao

    Heated o2sensor

    Hey does any one no if you can still hook up a heated o2 sensor harness even though you don't have a egr selinoid ? Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app