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  1. michael evans

    Clear coat engine parts

  2. michael evans

    T&D rocker install

    Don't really know your level of machining but it does not take much. I would not do it while the heads were on the engine as you will need to grind away about 1/8" (0.125 inch) on each pedestal and as we know that will make a mess.
  3. michael evans

    Powermaster pressure monitoring

    If this does not do it, I will make one that will.
  4. michael evans

    Powermaster pressure monitoring

    Here is what I found so far.
  5. michael evans

    Powermaster pressure monitoring

    No, for a notice for a maybe failing powermaster. The one that was on the car was failing (getting rebuilt) so in the future, I was going to have a heads up.
  6. michael evans


    I would like to make an elbow like you have but if you are no longer using the one you made, I will but it from you.
  7. michael evans

    Powermaster pressure monitoring

    That is what I was thinking. I will look for a better gauge
  8. michael evans

    Powermaster pressure monitoring

    Wonder if anyone had installed a three-way-tee to monitor for pressure ? Can something like this be installed ?
  9. michael evans

    Let's all just lose our minds........

    Not for now, but you may lose in the future if they take your "licenses" away.
  10. michael evans

    Let's all just lose our minds........

    where is the pie section ?
  11. michael evans

    Wanted NOS door weatherstrips driver/passenger

    Want to PM me an offer for the NOS driver's door rubber ?
  12. michael evans

    Three gauge pillar holder

    I have my vac/boost gauge in my A pod.
  13. michael evans

    Front Coil Spring Install - Help

    Engine in the frame / car ? What springs you trying to install ?
  14. michael evans

    Weather Seals

    What is the going rate for NOS lower door seals ?
  15. michael evans

    Intermittent miss on number 6 cylinder low voltage on A11 terminal ecm

    The wires are over 30 years old. That and my engine harness had been cut on / repaired many times, so I put in a Casper's harness.
  16. michael evans

    Anyone selling a 4 inch intake pipe or cold air kit?

    cold air kit that came on the car. Made a short pipe to replace the MAS when I put the FAST system on. $75.00 shipped to a US address.
  17. michael evans

    alcohol content in E85

    Wondering if those that have XFI keep a log of their alcohol content on the dashboard and can post a good number to try to get ? You mix in other regular gas to adjust the number ?
  18. michael evans

    Winter Maintenance

    Since you are replacing the wheel master anyway get 3/4" S-10 for both sides. your stoping will be much better. the masters on there now are 11/16 inch. I got mine off E-bay for like $8.00 a peice.
  19. michael evans

    A call for experts - 87 GN Cranking, firing weakly but never getting off the starter...

    Like a few other post, it sounds to me that the timing is wrong. Do a compression test. What type of timing chain was used ?