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  1. Sweet6

    Fair Price for Heads

    I agree with others saying that you dont need heads for mid 11s. But they make a night and day difference. if you have the $$$ do them. Heads were my favorite mod next to alky/E85.
  2. Sweet6

    Which in-tank fuel pump??

    The DW300 will work well, cheap, and easy install. Will go at least mid 10s with alky and the 60lb injectors.
  3. Sweet6

    Fuel pressure problem

    I thought back in the day guys would bypass the check valve to get more out of the pump. Back when the 255 liter pump was the only intank stock hangar pump.
  4. Sweet6

    Fuel pressure problem

    Thanks for the reply. I thought as you said that once the car is running it doesn't matter.
  5. Sweet6

    Fuel pressure problem

    Dumb question, is it a big deal if there is not a check valve in that DW pump? Does it adversely effect anything when it is running?
  6. Sweet6

    Cruz Vacuum relocation spacer for Champion race intake

    Compete kit new never used. New is $285 on Cruz site. $240 shipped.
  7. Sweet6

    How does the Turbonetics exhaust housing fit into the equation?

    I don't have a direct comparison but I switched from a PTE .85 to a PTE .63 with a 6265 DBB and it was a pretty significant difference in spool up in around town driving and the dragstrip. At the track I could get the same 60ft times launching at 2lbs of boost with the .63 as with 6lbs with the...
  8. Sweet6

    How does the Turbonetics exhaust housing fit into the equation?

    They are fine they are just different than the PTE. Most people think the Turbnetics is a tad smaller. At least with the .63. If that is the case it will spool a little faster and then it wont support the same max power. it is one of those preferences of what you want. But it is pretty much...
  9. Sweet6

    Manual boost control valve

  10. Sweet6

    Manual boost control valve

    Works perfect. Mounting bracket included $20 shipped
  11. Sweet6

    Broken Stock MAF

    I got one too Brad.
  12. Sweet6

    T&T from this past Friday - first time down the track with this car

    Looking at just the slip it looks good. If you want to go 11s you need about 4-5lbs more boost and pick up a tenth on the 60ft should get you 11.80s-11.90s. Your boost should go up when you get better air too. But all the gain will be in how much boost you add and 60ft. High 1.5s arent that hard...
  13. Sweet6

    TR6 install question

    I used spacers on with my Cruz mounting plate. Use washer or whatever works.
  14. Sweet6

    Stock ECM moddified for powerlogger

    Great condition factory ECM prepared to accept power logger $90 shipped
  15. Sweet6

    Question about the old ATR 2.5" duals

    Interesting. I had the redo the bracket a bit on the DS tailpipe since it sat tight to the body. But other than that I dont recall any issues.
  16. Sweet6

    Question about the old ATR 2.5" duals

    My ATR 2.5 bolted right up. Still on the stock cat hanger after all these year too. I dont recall it being much of an issue