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  1. T-type Jones

    Gn1 super extreme intercooler

    I might have one, I bought one, but I might not need one this big, let me see if I can find a smaller one, then I'll let my Extreme one go for cheap[...keep my number to call or text 720-771-3089
  2. T-type Jones

    Looking to trade chrome rear license plate holder

    I have a chromed battery top, and I painted my battery white. There's a place where I get my Chroming done, I mail it to Texas and he's usually 2 to 3 week turn around. If you're interested,let me know, and I can look up his info
  3. T-type Jones

    Barn find. No low ball offers please.

    Sorry, I found a better deal at Target's.....It was FREE
  4. T-type Jones

    Laptop for poweelogger (and maybe more)

    I have a few used laptops that I sell from $75 and up, What OS are you looking for
  5. T-type Jones

    Looking to trade chrome rear license plate holder

    How much are you asking for it, and how much to ship to Denver, CO 80220
  6. T-type Jones

    Denver area mechanic

    What kind of work do you need done, I'm avalible on weekends. I can work on weekdays after 4. You can call or text me Monday thru Thursday anytime after 3:30 pm. / Fri, Sat, Sun You can call or text anytime Prefer EARLY before I get busy with other jobs. My number is 720-771-3089 ps I've been...
  7. T-type Jones

    Which car battery is best? (Test results)

    You're right, to properly charge an AGM , you must havce an AGM charger, plus when you buy one of those batteries, they'll extend your warranty by a year if you purchase the charger at the time of the battery. But even with that being said,and using the AGM charger, the optima's just don't last
  8. T-type Jones

    GN Parts For Sale

    Do you have any pictures of the dash mat, if so how much to ship to 80220 Denver CO
  9. T-type Jones

    WTB: WasteGate

    Don't think that'll work with my Terry Houston Internal...Thanks Anyway
  10. T-type Jones

    WTB: WasteGate

    Do have any pictures, or you can send them to my phone at 720-771-3089, and how much to send to Denver 80220
  11. T-type Jones

    WTB: WasteGate

    Looking for a WasteGate for a Turbonetics T-70 Turbo. You can P.M. me or for faster response you can text me @ 720 771 3089
  12. T-type Jones

    Which car battery is best? (Test results)

    I run a Duracell in mine, don't know what's the best today, I know the Optima used to be the best until they sold the company and now they're made in Mexico. I would buy a cheap ass AutoZone, or Wal*Mart before I touch a Optima again. Went through 3 batteries in 7 years. When they were made here...
  13. T-type Jones

    New Member Intro from New Jersey

    WELCOME to the site, as for your comment about you may have stupid questions, there is no such thing as a stupid question. Believe me when I say this...what ever question you ask, you'd be surprised how many people before you has ask the very same question twice. Keep in mind when this car was...
  14. T-type Jones

    Has anyone used this Alternator??

    Give me a couple days to dig it out, I have a 200 Alternator, I'll take like $125 for it. Also to run this Alternator or if you decide to go with the powermaster...You'll have to change your belt. Right now you should have the 640K6, and your higher amp has a smaller pulley, so you'll need to...
  15. T-type Jones

    Is a Turbobuick considered a Muscle car?

    The person that had the stool or the round thing with the Buick on it...that's bad ass
  16. T-type Jones

    I'm glad I don't live here

    I've been working on cars longer than most mechanics been alive at most garages, now if the city or state trys to tell me that I have to take my car, and let some inexperience mechanic work on it...that's fine if they are willing to pay the bill, and the warranty when I have to return it to have...
  17. T-type Jones

    Attention Texas Bloomberg wants your guns

    SORRY, can't give up my firearms, that's for idiot's. I carry my Smith & Wesson 19 plus one as much as possible...It just makes the world safer. Look up the states that's against the law to protect yourself (No CCW's) has the highest crime rates. How many shootings has there been in Wal*Mart...
  18. T-type Jones

    How do I fix this leak ?

    Yes I have the Terry Houston 3" DownPipe, and this worked for me when I discovered a leak in my Buick, and yo can also reuse the gasket over. I've changed different Turbo's and reused the same gasket.
  19. T-type Jones

    How do I fix this leak ?

    Easy, just place a gasket, you can go to ebay and purchase one for $'s the link..... Buick Grand National Turbo to Downpipe Exhaust Gasket, going to try to post a picture of it, it worked for me
  20. T-type Jones

    Checkout my shopping list I need.

    sorry about that, don't know what happened, the guy with the Radiator Support Bracket...720-771-3089