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    Fuel Pump Continuos Prime?

    I noticed recently that when I key on (not start), the pump primes continuously. What should I check for to correct this. Im not sure if prime time is a function that can be controlled in FASXT XFI, I don't recall changing any inputs in my FAST that would cause this. I did recently put a...
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    Sun Visors

    Looking for a nice tight clean set of sun visors for a 87 GN
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    ISO Regal Turbo LS Swap

    I'm not sure this is the right forum but I am looking for a Turbo Swap Regal to buy. Street Car, no cage, AC, solid roof and able to get on the highway and cruise ! 4L80, 200R4, 400 with Gear Vendors No junk! If there is anything out there please PM me. Mods Please move if not allowed in...
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    ISO Turbo Regal LS Swap

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    ISO LS Swap Turbo Regal

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    Suspension Advice / Bang for the buck!

    Looking for some advice on the best bang for the buck upgrade in suspension that will make a noticeable difference. Car is stock outside of rear seat braces. Thanks for the feedback!
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    ISO 87 GN parts

    Nice door panels with concert sound Sun visors Seat mount for Fast XFI Steering Wheel Steering wheel center cap Steering Wheel adjust lever Suspension Upgrades Brake system upgrade
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    FAST XFI Help / Idle Fuel Adjustments

    Dumb question...Does FAST XFI come with instructions on how to use it's functions and what they do? I'm trying to lean out my idle fuel, it's pig rich on E85. I was using Eric's SD chip and did well with it and it had some easy to follow instructions and what functions changed what etc, so I'm...
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    Turbo Tweak SD Chip E85 120's

    I have an SD Chip E85 for 120's. Using a FAST XFI now and no longer need it. No reasonable offer refused. PAYPAL
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    MOD ECM, SCN Master, PLX, SD Chip

    Upgraded to XFI and have some parts that I no longer need. Prices don't include shipping or PP fees. All prices are OBO. Modded ECM (Not sure who modded) : $175 Scan Master: $150 Power Logger: $200 PLX Wideband kit with Digital Gauge and O2: $150 SD CHIP E85 120 lb Inj: $120
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    ISO visors and door panels

    Looking for visors in excellent condition and door panels. 87 GN
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    RaceTronix 160lb injectors

    Any feedback on the racetronix 160lb injectors, Are there other options?
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    30 over is what cubic inch on a stock 109 block?

    How do you calculate it as well?
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    160 lb injectors

    Looking for good condition 160 lb injectors. Running E85
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    Tuner in Detroit for E85 FAST XFI

    Can anyone recommend a tuner that is good for an E85 car FAST XFI?
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    Performance Parts DP, Volt Booster, Cutout, FAST XFI, Intercooler

    Looking for several items before I buy new. No junk Please. Feel free to Message me or post here. TA Performance 3" DP External WG or Equivalent Quality External WG Precision, TIAL, Turbo Smart Volt Booster 3" Electric cutout FAST XFI with Casper Harness RJC Intercooler 325 or 315 Turbo...
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    CAS V1 intercooler pipes

    Looking for a set of CAS V1 intercooler pipes. Let me know what you got o if you know a place where some knock offs could be purchased. Thanks
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    PTC 18 Blade 9.5 Converter NL

    What you guys have ?
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    Modded ECM

    Looking for a recently modded ECM to run 120 lb injectors. ECM needs to have been updated recently.
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    Intercooler Pipes for CAS V1

    Looking for a set of NICE intercooler pipes for a CAS V1