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  1. Roc87

    Quarter panel extensions needed

    Looking for a pair of quarter panel extensions that have provisions for the spoiler, but, don't need the spoiler pieces. If I can't find a pair of extensions, one regular once for the passenger side would suffice
  2. Roc87

    '87 GN Grille, Bumper strips, Fiberglass Header Panel

    '87 GN Grille, looks to be OEM, was on a header panel that I bought. The paint is faded some and you can see some of the green through it, but zero chips in the plastic. Will include the emblem. $210 Shipped :artist: Blacked out bumper strips, look new except one spot on the front one, with...
  3. Roc87

    Aftermarket header panel, manual drivers seat tracks, f41 bars, and bumper strips. Abq, nm

    Won't ship the header panel, it was on the car when I bought it, top needs blocking (real wavy), headlight bezel dont fit flush on the sides because of prior fiberglass repair. Would be fine for a race car, or good for a daily driver with a good body man. Grille mounting holes aren't good. $250...
  4. Roc87

    Limited buckets and rear covers, ABQ $50

    Just dont want to throw these away, someone may need/want them but I dont want to mess with shipping. Drivers seat is badly worn & dried out, seat motor is seized and switch is cracked. Passenger seat is in better shape but starting to crack on the back, no track included, rear seat covers...
  5. Roc87

    86 Turbo LS swapped T-type

    Just recently bought this, changes in life and job is gonna make me sell it, I don't have time to make it into what it could be. Link to the ad on Racingjunk; Since I bought...
  6. Roc87

    WTB; Drivers side manual seat track, Spoiler

    Just as title says, Seat track for drivers bucket 5pc spoiler, prefer black, but really doesn't matter
  7. Roc87

    WTB; Spoiler, 87 Grille, air dams

    Looking to buy all 5 pieces necessary for the spoiler, prefer black 1987 Grille in decent to good shape Both drivers and passenger side airdams TIA
  8. Roc87

    Any LS regals for sale?

    Sold the GN, but missing the G-body. Found a local LS turbo'd Cutlass, but like the regal better
  9. Roc87

    Lean at first accel, like a bad accel pump on a holley

    Have this over in normal tech section as well. 80# injectors, fresh from a FullThrottle cleaning, a TT6.1 chip... GN seems like it has a carb with a bad Accel pump. Going from a normal cruise which seems lean enough anyways, its going even more lean when you first accelerate. MAF seems fine, TPS...
  10. Roc87

    Real lean at first on acceleration

    Gn just started doing this, it goes real lean when you first accelerate, it feels like no pump shot on a carb. I just swapped plugs, tighter gap, trying a spare coil pack on the TR6. Only thing left I can think of trying is a different ecm Other than this it seems fine (Sorry for the glare...
  11. Roc87

    Idle HC's up

    GN usually passes easily. 2 years ago with bad heads (they were seeping coolant) it passed at 11HC of 200 at high, and 28 of 200 at 2500rpm. I've replaced the heads since then, and of course new HG's and intake gaskets. Using an emissions chip, 2 gallons of e85, temp was around 200°, it failed...
  12. Roc87


    My heads/HGs were leaking coolant, so I installed a set of new Champion Irons with Cometic gaskets and reused ARP head studs. I chased the threads, and cleaned the deck real good, there was about 1200 miles of use on the stroker build. After the new heads I ran it 20 minutes while charging the...
  13. Roc87

    Finished with the LC2

    Either going to get rid of the whole car, or sell the motor and go LS style. I have absolutely zero luck with the V6. Long story and a ton of $$$ thrown into it. Couple questions, and yes I will research and read. I would either do a 4.8 or a 5.3. Leave it mostly stock except for studs, cam and...
  14. Roc87

    Bubbles in overflow container

    I have a feeling I already know. Engine has ~900 miles. Haven't pushed it too hard, am extremely paranoid after having a rod bearing spin after 800 miles on previous "refresh". Car drives great, its on e85, extremely responsive. Was getting some false knock since TA header was hitting passenger...
  15. Roc87

    Car Audio, Alpine & Pioneer headunits & XM tuner

    Going back to a stock deck Alpine CDA-9855 with iPod adapter KCA-420i. This head unit has too many functions for my taste, lol. Includes head unit, wiring, faceplate, trim ring, faceplate case, remote control, mounting sleeve, instructions and box (original packing materials not included), no...
  16. Roc87

    Radio brackets

    Looking for a pair of stock radio brackets, tired of the poor fitting aftermarket 1.5 din adapters, going back to the stock deck
  17. Roc87

    Powerlogger blm cell highlight

    Updated the powerlogger with the newest drivers and key on/engine off I can click in the blm cells and a window pops up to enter the new number, I enter the new number and the cell shows the change for a second then reverts back to what it was. Any ideas what's going on?
  18. Roc87

    Parts I don't want to ship, located in Albuquerque

    Std crank, needs cut a minimum of .010-.010", spun rod on #6 $125 Crank already cut .010/.010 ready to go $200 7 std bore pistons with rods, 6 have ARP rod bolts $125 Stock oil pan $40 Stock front springs, mileage unknown $20 Hooker Cat-Back exhaust, good shape, no rust, no test pipe...
  19. Roc87

    New motor break in before E test

    Any rough idea of how many miles I need on a new build before having the emission test done? Was thinking around 500 miles and do a fresh oil change while I have the car up to put the cat on
  20. Roc87

    Needed; oil filter adapter, vac line, A/C bolt

    Looking for; Stock oil filter adapter for use with oil cooler (I have an RJC biggie adapter but going with a Mark Hueffman oil filter/turbo saver & it requires a stock adapter) Metal line from Vacuum block to PCV ('86 & '87) Bolt that holds A/C lines to back of compressor