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  1. Randy Hagins

    Test pipe 87 GN

    Still trying to find a 2 1/4 test pipe to fit a stock down pipe. I have a ‘87 GN. Thanks!
  2. Randy Hagins

    WTB: test pipe for stock down pipe for ‘87 GN

    Anyone have a test pipe to fit the stock down pipe for my ‘87 GN? I think it’s 2 1/2 inch. Prefer without the side cut out. Thanks in advance!!
  3. Randy Hagins

    Test pipe for stock down pipe ( for my ‘87 GN)

    I am looking for a good used test pipe to use with the stock down pipe . PM me if you have one. Thanks in advance!
  4. Randy Hagins

    Need two rear bumper guards and hardware

    I need the two rear bumper guards along with hard ware and two of the 10 mm nuts for the cushions. The owner of the car cannot locate any of the guards. Classic industries have them at $60 each, just wanted to see if I might find a better deal. Thanks in advance!!
  5. Randy Hagins

    Torque specs for lower intake to heads

    Just wanted to see if anyone could give the me torque specs and tightening sequence on the lower intake to the heads. I thought I had it listed in one of my manuals but just cant seem to locate it. Thanks in advance!!
  6. Randy Hagins

    Looking for a professional paint shop in FL or Georgia to paint ‘87 GN

    I have a 42,000 mile GN that I’m looking to have painted at the end of this year. Can anyone recommend a good reputable shop, would prefer that they have experience in painting a turbo regal so they know the cars. Thanks in advance!!
  7. Randy Hagins

    Valve spring tool

    Any one know where I can find a valve spring removal / install tool that can be used while the heads are on the car? I had one but now can't find it. Any help is greatly appreciated!!
  8. Randy Hagins

    Stock GN lug nuts

    Would anyone happen to have any stock GN lugs nuts like pictured? I need about 4-6 of them. Thanks in advance!!
  9. Randy Hagins

    Stock fender for '86-'87 Buick

    Done anyone have a good set of fenders in the Florida/Georgia area that are for sale or would want to trade for the fenders I have? These are off a '87 GN, 42,000 mile car. No rust, no dents just the GNX vents cut out. I am returning the car to stock and do not want these. PM me if interested...
  10. Randy Hagins

    Remove/ fill in GNX vents on '87 GN

    I bought a low mileage GN from a friend of mine last year. It's a one owner car with 42,000 original miles, car is mostly stock but one thing I wasn't too thrilled about is that he cut the fenders for the GNX vents. He did a great job but I want the car back to stock appearance. Is it possible...
  11. Randy Hagins

    Stock air cleaner assembly for '86-'87 Turbo Buick and '86-'87 GN wheel

    Found the stock air cleaner assembly from my '86 GN. Asking $60.00 shipped or best reasonable offer. GN wheel, good condition. Asking $130 or best reasonable offer. PM me with any questions. Thanks!!
  12. Randy Hagins

    '86-'87 GN wheel GN head rest cover

    I have a extra GN wheel and head rest cover that came with the '87 GN when I bought it last May. Asking $140.00 for the wheel (PM me about shipping) and the head rest cover- $40 shipped. Please message if you would like more information. Thanks in advance. Randy
  13. Randy Hagins

    Fuel gauge needle is stuck on full

    I bought a low mileage GN last May form a good friend of mine who is also the original owner. A few years ago he replaced the stock dash gauges with a Cyberdyne digital unit. Last Tuesday I removed the digital unit and installed the stock gauges. Once I turned the key on the fuel gauge went...
  14. Randy Hagins

    Cyberdyne digital dash

    I bought a '87 GN from a good friend of mine last May. He was the original owner and a few years back he decided to install a Cyberdyne digital dash. I am in the process of putting the car back to stock condition. I removed the dash unit this past Tuesday. It does work, I should have taken...
  15. Randy Hagins

    Screws for dash board

    I bought an '87 GN from a friend of mine a few months ago and he installed a after market digital dash a few years back. I am in the process of putting the car back to stock. He has all of the pieces for the speedometer and fuel gauge and the stock tach / boost gauge. I am no able to locate the...
  16. Randy Hagins

    Flasher relays for '87 GN

    I need the two stock flasher relays for my '87 GN. I bought this GN in May and it had the LED tail lights in it. I sold the tail lights and installed stock lights and now having issues with the flashers. I still have the LED flasher in the fuse box. If you need more info please PM me, I may not...
  17. Randy Hagins

    Turn signal issue on my '87 GN

    I bought a '87 GN this past May from a good friend of mine that I have known since '95. He is the original owner and the car (bought it in '87 with like 10 miles on it) has 42,000 miles. While he had it he installed a Carbine security system and a aftermarket digital dash. The car did not run...
  18. Randy Hagins

    PST Upper control arm bushings

    I bought a set of PST polygraphite bushings for my rear control arms. The machine shop that I took the uppers to have the bushings installed could not get the front bushings in, he said the control arms were bending. I called PST to verify that I had the correct set. I bought the PST kit number...
  19. Randy Hagins

    '86-'87 GN wheel and switch panel

    Selling a GN wheel in very good condition, asking $150 or best reasonable offer. Will split shipping cost. I also have a 5 switch panel for the ash tray, asking $30 or best offer. PM me with any questions. Thanks in advance!!
  20. Randy Hagins

    '87 GN stock stereo issue

    I bought a '87 GN this past May that had a after market security system. The stereo never worked with or without the security system. ( I removed the security system not long after I bought the car) The only functions I can get to work are power on/off, switching to AM and FM, the am/fm stations...