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  1. fast86gn

    Looking for battery hold down

    Highway Stars
  2. fast86gn


    James, is the event still on for now? Just checking 3-4 of us from DFW were coming...
  3. fast86gn

    Exhaust cutouts.

    Very cool. Henry has got nothing on this car! lol
  4. fast86gn

    What Oil you Using?

    I did use Royal Purple before on the old engine with good results and I would have went back to it but Jack Laswell (JL Performance) that built my engine used this oil and highly recommend I stay with it so I did. He has never steered me wrong before.
  5. fast86gn

    Hood Shock bolts

    Did you try Highway Stars they may have them?
  6. fast86gn

    What Oil you Using?

    Driven HR 10W30 Racing Oil
  7. fast86gn

    Which car battery is best? (Test results)

    His test is interesting but you can't charge a AGM battery the same way you charge a regular battery. I use Napa or Sears batteries with pretty good luck.
  8. fast86gn

    My GN back on the road again thanks to JL Performance

    It's been awhile... But I have been having a lot of fun with my silver W body so it hurt a little less but I am glad to be able to drive it again. Hopefully today the weather is suppose to be 60 degrees today.
  9. fast86gn

    My GN back on the road again thanks to JL Performance

    Had to replace the TQ converter and the front pump after the old one killed the front pump.
  10. fast86gn

    Possible Buick meet Sunday 2/16 Fuddruckers in Grapevine 2pm

    Anyone game? Sunday should be in the 70's
  11. fast86gn

    Did all TRs come with trip odometer?

    Never seen a TR without a trip odometer. Of course they don't work all that great. Mine counts the miles correctly but when I go to reset it, that takes 3-4 pushes to get it back to zero.
  12. fast86gn

    01 Regal LS Supercharged New best!

    It is actually a Series III L32 from a 07 GTP.
  13. fast86gn

    Another new best in the silver Regal LS...

    In the 1/8 mile tonight went 7.90 @ 88mph. Now it's time for a few upgrades LoL Planning on BG in May and looking to better my 12.43 from last year.
  14. fast86gn

    Collecting license plates

    This needs to be moved to "parts for sale" section.
  15. fast86gn

    Post pics of your enginebay fest

    "Black gold Texas tea now Jeds a millionaire..."
  16. fast86gn

    Post pics of your enginebay fest

    Mine has been updated a bit...