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  1. BlackLC2burd

    Cuts out under boost, logs attached

    Having a problem with boost cutting out under load. Feels like it stalls under a heavy load, loses all boost, but right after I let go of the accelerator rpms come back up. Mods are in my signature. Fuel pressure rises with boost and steady. Turbo is set tuner style at 10 psi (no map signal...
  2. BlackLC2burd

    Help with rotating rattle noise coming from trans, bouncing pressures VIDEO

    Hi all, Went to go for my Saturday morning drive and heard an awful rotating/rattling noise coming from the converter/ pump area on startup. Car was previously driven about a week ago and had steady pressures, 100 psi min and would go 260-280 full tv. Tv cable is adjusted properly as i had no...
  3. BlackLC2burd

    Translator install with 3"lt1 maf code 34

    Was wondering if anyone can help me out. I installed an lt1 maf/translator I bought from someone on the board today to see if it will clear up some driveability issues and a code 34 comes up after 10 seconds of idling. Clear the code, plug the oe maf, code goes away. Plug translator back in...
  4. BlackLC2burd

    Mike from the Benecia/Vallejo area

    I have lost my cell phone and lost his number also. I know he is a member in this forum. Anyone know him? He owns a couple turbo regals and an 81-84 lc2 swapped blue el camino. If anyone can provide a forum name or phone number it would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. BlackLC2burd

    Anyone know Mike (ttypemike?) from the Benecia/Fairfield area?

    I lost my phone and lost his number also. He owns a couple turbo regals and a lc2 swapped blue el camino. I was wondering if anyone on the boards know him? Need a phone number or forum name please. Thanks.
  6. BlackLC2burd

    Stop light switch

    Need a brake light switch with 3 wire pigtail/harness. Tcc release pigtail not needed. Lmk
  7. BlackLC2burd

    Turbo drain fitting question, will this work?

    Has anyone ever use a 3/4 inverted flare female to 1/2 npt male brass 90* for the block fitting on the drain line? Im wondering if there are any downsides as far as flow is concerned. Thanks guys.
  8. BlackLC2burd

    WTB: Turbo oil drain/return line

    Looking for a turbo oil drain/return line. Doesn't have to be pretty but it has to be crack free. Cracked mine upon removal. Pm price shipped to 94523. PayPal preferred. Thanks.
  9. BlackLC2burd

    New Bosch inline 044 fuel pump

    Brand new Bosch inline fuel pump #0 580 254 044 with -08 an fittings. I ordered this from about a year ago and decided to get rid of the fuel cell in the car and run an intank setup. Bought for $220. $170 shipped to lower 48 states...
  10. BlackLC2burd

    Fuel line dilemma

    Need some fuel system advice here guys. Doing a swap in my 1968 firebird which was setup for a high horsepower carburated big block. My question is this, I have a fuel cell in the car already with -8an feeds and have purchased an external pump, lines, filters, and fittings already. I have...
  11. BlackLC2burd

    graphite head gasket reuse or replace?

    Quick question guys. I have decided to get the heads ported on my rebuilt 86 motor and was wondering if it is possible to reuse the graphite head gaskets (gm 25528486) after the heads studs have been torqued. The engine has no runtime after the heads have been torqued but a tiny bit of...
  12. BlackLC2burd

    WTB 200-4r turbo 350 transmission yoke

    I am looking for a slip yoke for a 200-4r/turbo 350 trans for the stock u-joint (1310 series i believe). I have a spicer hd turbo 400 yoke (1310 series u-joint) for trade or paypal if you prefer. Thanks.
  13. BlackLC2burd

    WTB: 200-4r dipstick and tube

    Looking for a good used 200-4r dipstick tube and dipstick. Thanks.
  14. BlackLC2burd

    WTB: complete shifter handle

    Looking for a complete shifter handle. Let me know what color, price, and post pics if available. Thanks!
  15. BlackLC2burd

    Which scan tool? Debating on Powerlogger or Scanmaster.

    I am getting close to finishing the lc2 swap in my 1968 firebird and was debating on either getting the scanmaster or powerlogger as a scan tool. The engine is pretty much stock for now and plan on getting a tt chip for the stock setup just to get the car road worthy. I do plan on getting...
  16. BlackLC2burd

    Wtb: maf translator

    Looking for a used maf translator. Pm me your price if you have one available. Thanks.
  17. BlackLC2burd

    Lc2 swap in 1968 firebird

    Hi guys, new to turbo buicks here. Doing a swap from a 600 hp stroked big block chevy to an lc2. Kinda tired of the lack of gas mileage and I want to try something new. Was wondering about the wiring. What is the bare minimum necessary for the drivetrain to run? I have access to factory...