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    site vendor info?

    I'm wondering who to get in touch with to become a site sponsor/vendor? I've been offering OEM style replacement window/lock harnesses and thought there might be some interest on this board-can someone direct me in the right direction? Thanks and I hope to work with some of you in the future on...
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    radiator cross braces F/S

    I have a couple extra sets of braces for sale. $35 plus the ride if anybody is interested.
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    Nice sunroof motor!

    I have a pristine used sunroof motor-asking $75 shipped. These are not being reproduced and have been long discontinued.
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    Bypassing factory VATS

    This applies to my non turbo GTA but hopefully this breakdown will help you guys out in the future. Okay, a little background first. I bought a (supposedly) running 89 TA with a TPI motor that I wanted for the drivetrain. I got the ignition key with it but it turned out to be the wrong key-it...
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    Not a Buick but still a gbody and a turbo car...

    YouTube - 80mm Turbo Cutlass Pretty nice launch! Not much lag to speak of-I just found this so I'm sure most of you guys have seen it already but cool anyway!
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    aluminum gbody radiator support for sale NICE!

    This is from my 79 GP but will fit all years Regal. It's in great shape-just thought maybe somebody could use a nice one-have pics, asking $350 shipped let me know, thanks!
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    intercooler question....

    I am a first time post-er but long time lurker. I have been experimenting over the last 6 months with HHO water gas injection and I plan to add an intercooler to a motor I'm building...without getting into specifics, who offers the most efficient cooler that will provide the absolute...