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  1. 5Lugs

    1985 GN for sale 26,000 miles

    1985 GN 26,300 miles excellent condition. Asking $ 17750 I am the second owner. I have all of the original documents including window sticker, order sheet, Buick cassette, and more. Thanks Dale
  2. 5Lugs

    85 GN heater core

    I`ve noticed a fluid leak at the upper hose going to the heater core thru the firewall,[I think its a heater core hose]. Its the hose that's behind the heat shield plate that's behind the turbo. Any tips ?? Is it easy to access ? Thanks !
  3. 5Lugs

    Removing hot side piping

    I`m also new to the GN. I have been reading up as much info has I can. The GN I just bought is an 85 with 25K original miles and was a 1 owner and has never had a tune-up. I have read up on changing the spark plugs and noticed the recommendations for the extensions. Is it recommended or has...
  4. 5Lugs

    Exhaust options

    The 85 GN I just bought needs a muffler. Its only got 25K miles and the original is blown out. I need one that doesn`t have a roar but I do like to hear whats going on, Any suggestions has to what some others are using. Also the black paint/coating is coming off of the tail pipes, any ideas. I...
  5. 5Lugs

    84-85 GN`s

    Being new to the site and GN`s I know I have a lot to learn. First I here bad things about the " Hot Air " 84-85`s. Pigs,no power,problems that are hard to correct, etc. I have a chance to possibly aquire a 1 owner 85 with very low milage. It`s an unmolested car that has been very well taken...
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    New from Louisiana

    Just joined from here in the deep south. looks like a great forum so far. I`ve lurked/peeked in here from time to time. I`m looking at a 1 owner 85. I`ve been told to stay away from them but this one is a cherry low milage unmolested GN. I`m only looking for a Weekend driver and not a racer. Any...