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  1. adowningusa

    1986 Buick Grand National

    As much as it pains me to do this, my 1986 T-top Buick GN is on the selling block. This car is easily 90% complete needing only front seats to make it a daily driver. The missing seats are a result of taking them to a place where... well never mind. They are gone. As you can see from the...
  2. adowningusa


    I would like to apologize to the two buyers who purchased the scanmaster and hotwire kit from me. They did not receive things in a timely manner due to a unexpected medical issue. My goal is for this situation not to happen again. Alan Downing
  3. adowningusa

    Grand National Parts for sale

    Scanmaster. Not sure of the model. See the pic below. 125.00 obo. Brand New E-85 Chip and injector set. Had these on the board before. See pic below. 300.00 obo Fuel pump assembly with E-85 compatable pump. Includes installed digital sender and also an analog sended uninstalled. Used for...
  4. adowningusa

    New Seat Foams

    Just received my new seat foams!!!! I asked the vendor to include some instructions that I could hand off to the upholstery dude. Don't know if it was an oversite, or maybe they didn't have any. Anyway, could someone give me some basic info since these foams are for G-bodys in general...
  5. adowningusa

    Head rest covers

    Needing two GN head rest covers to match PUI seat covers.
  6. adowningusa

    Seat Foam Needed

    Anyone have an extra seat foam for a bucket seat. Getting ready to order one, but if I can help relieve you of one, shoot me a cost delivered to 46065 Thank ya Alan Downing
  7. adowningusa

    60 Lb injectors with E-85 Chip from Turbo Tweak

    Still in the box, never opened, waiting for someone to install them. Bought them a while back and have decided to keep my GN completely original in preparation to sell it. :( Never used, never seen the light of day. The original price I paid was 369.00. I'll take 325, pay the shipping and...
  8. adowningusa

    1986 GN Seat Foams

    Looking for front seat foams for my GN. I have one that is for a SS Monte, but my upholstery guy thinks they are different from our GNs. If that's not the case, I would need the instructions and one more foam set Can someone set me straight???
  9. adowningusa

    TA 49 Turbo purchased from John Spina Aug 13, 2012

    Still boxed up. The same condition he sold it to me. Hasn't seen the light of day. Was going to put it on my GN but never got around to it. Paid 425. Will take 400 shipped to the lower 48 states Alan
  10. adowningusa

    Grand National Seat Foams or "Bun"s needed

    I need actual GN Foams or "Bun"s for my 1986 Buick Grand National. Not the "high back" units. I also need two head rest covers that are close to new. I have new PCI Seat covers and Back Covers but no headrest covers. Let me know what ya got. Thanks Alan Downing
  11. adowningusa

    TA-49 turbo

    Casper's gave me a sweet deal on a turbo! A perfect match for my E-85 conversion.
  12. adowningusa

    T.T. Chips and injectors

    A shout out to Eric for the injector and chip package he sent me!!! Well packed and perfect for my needs!
  13. adowningusa


    Excellent person to do business with. Great communication and outstanding honesty. I thought my item was 325 dollars plus shipping. Turned out it was 317 with shipping and he brought it to my attention and refunded the difference. Thanks again Intercooled88s!!!
  14. adowningusa

    E-85 recipes...

    Good evening fellow Buick owners! Just came back from an absolutely wonderful ride in the G.N. A great day to have the tops out in central Indiana. The body is now done, the engine looks beautiful, and all I need to finish the interior is front seat covers and foam. It's been a long work in...
  15. adowningusa

    Factory Theft Alarm...

    Good day ladies and gentlemen. Yesterday I locked up my 1986 GN. Stuck the key in the drivers door to unlock and shut off the factory alarm system. Needless to say, it didn't shut off. No biggie I thought, I'll re-lock the doors and unlock it from the passengers side. I thought the ground...
  16. adowningusa


    Got my stuff. Great shape!!! Would order from the man again!!!!
  17. adowningusa

    Front seat foam and seat covers for a 1986 Grand National

    Looking to purchase Front seat foam and seat material for our 1986 Buick Grand National. Would prefer NOS or something that closely resembles NOS. Thanks.
  18. adowningusa

    Boosted in Central Indiana...

    Any GN-TTYPE dudes or dudettes in the Lafayette Indiana area?? Love to get together and chat.
  19. adowningusa

    1986 Buick Grand National Interior parts

    Good day. Looking for left and right gray upper door panels in good shape. Also drivers and passenger's seat upholstry kits! Get at me.
  20. adowningusa

    No start, no spark...

    Good evening folks. Here's where I am at. Car won't start. I have fuel pressure but no spark. Haven't checked the fuel injectors to see if they are getting signal. What I have swapped to see if anything would change is: Crank sensor New Casper's cam sensor (so I could make sure...