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  1. Jon Early

    1988 C1500 Silverado 5.7

    1988 C1500 Silverado 5.7, 2wd, regular cab, long bed, power windows, power locks. THE GOOD -Brand new Cooper tires including the spare. Less than 1000 miles -New front brake pads, rotors, calipers, hoses, lines, wheel bearings and fluid flush. The truck stops on a dime. -Brand new 3" exhaust...
  2. Jon Early

    MAP sensor for top swappers

    I am looking to upgrade the 1 bar MAP in my Camaro for the turbo build. Which one do I need? I heard that one from a Cobalt SS works, but I don't know what all is involved in that.
  3. Jon Early

    Turbo V6 Camaro

    Hello everybody, I am looking for some recommendations on parts for my turbo L36 Camaro. So far, the engine is completely stock other than a 180 degree thermostat, EGR and EVAP delete, Autolite 605 plugs gapped to .055", a fuel pump hot wire, and about 2 psi of boost through a front mount...
  4. Jon Early

    I tried to fix what wasn't broken!

    I bought my 86 with a very poorly installex alky control kit. I tried to clean up the rats nest of wiring and now things are acting very odd. With the key on the power injection light is brightly illuminated all the time, but the pump is not running. The progressive led lights up green when I...
  5. Jon Early

    AC Service Port Fittings

    Hey guys, I just bought a nice R-12 and R-134a compatible AC manifold gauge set. I noticed that the low side service port on my '86 appears to be a 1/4" and the high side accumulator port is 5/16". The fittings in my kit are 5/16" F. Does anybody have a link to where I can buy an adapter...
  6. Jon Early

    Intercooler Fan

    Hello everybody, I hit a raccoon with my GN which resulted in my intercooler crashing into the fan. I'm sure it still works fine, but the blades are pretty chewed up from spinning against the fins. I'm looking for one in nice shape! Thanks
  7. Jon Early

    Powermaster Rebuilt. No pedal pressure.

    Hello everyone, I am scrambling to find a small miracle that will allow me drive to Nats on Wednesday. I'm hoping some powermaster gurus will be able to help me out. The car had a brake light when I bought it in August. It stopped fine, but sometimes the assist wasn't always ready when I...
  8. Jon Early

    Looking for my dream car in Indiana

    Hello everybody, I've been not seriously shopping for Grand Nationals for about a year to get a feel for the market and and what exactly I want. Now that I've sold a couple other cars I'm ready to take the plunge on my dream car. I'm looking for a show worthy 86 or 87 Grand National (or...