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  1. mikes86ttop

    He's a Cheater Bro

    Someone's gotta have it?... I haven't seen it since this was posted... Mike
  2. mikes86ttop

    Recommendations for a good Tranny Shop in MD

    Shit.. I better check my valve cover gaskets..., and vent tube... Mike
  3. mikes86ttop

    Alpine GM wiring harness?

    LOL... This one maybe a record!!!?!?!? Only 16yrs off topic... And, a lot has changed... But yes, Alpine is still good.. Mike
  4. mikes86ttop

    Power 6 Flexfit Hat

    Have anymore?
  5. mikes86ttop

    Weight difference between t-top and solid roof

    Done right, it's totally doable... Mike
  6. mikes86ttop

    winter storage

    No problem.. As for the drone I believe between 30-40mph (depending on rpm) there is slight drone, it all goes away with a tad more or less throttle. Not sure if the dump has anything to do with it, though I've never had it opened... Mike
  7. mikes86ttop

    winter storage

    Northern RI, if you need a spot still, my dad is still in contact with the guy he used last year. I believe he was $100 month.. Mike
  8. mikes86ttop

    winter storage

    Well here is my new spot... Right at home... Thanks to ....12x24 perfect for the GN... Mike
  9. mikes86ttop

    Duttweiler IC neck

    I bought mine off a member about 8 years ago.. I've only seen one other for sale after that... Besides a few complete duttneck intercoolers... Mike
  10. mikes86ttop

    Buick porn

    Did you see that Buick take off!?!??!! Umm? Ya dude he has a f**king parachute man!!!???!?!?
  11. mikes86ttop

    4 WHEELS-stock 86/87 for sale OR trade

    14 years later...
  12. mikes86ttop

    Valve spring removel tool

    Just stick with the one you already ordered,... and change your springs... Mike
  13. mikes86ttop

    Wastegate Stalk off Manifold

    No dice at work.. Sorry.. Mike
  14. mikes86ttop

    Wastegate Stalk off Manifold

    I doubt it, but I will look at work tomorrow... Mike
  15. mikes86ttop

    Body shop for Paint Recommendation?

    A couple more.. Maroon mustang is a customer car (original owners...). And the yellow mach1 is my dad's that he recently sold...
  16. mikes86ttop

    Body shop for Paint Recommendation?

    ... This is my old man's place, give him a call/text. We are in Glocester RI, the NW corner of the state... Mike
  17. mikes86ttop

    Champion irons

    Shit Dan... Your battery is @ 10%..... It must be from all that zooming in you do?!?!?? Ohh wait... That's not cool... Maybe it's just anal acne??... BTW, did the heads end up selling??... Mike
  18. mikes86ttop

    Walbro gss340

    This one does not....
  19. mikes86ttop


    No Bullshit with this guy!!! Parts received I think before he got the PayPal!!! Packaged well, shipped fast, and as described... Thanks again... Mike