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  1. SGRIM

    Turbo Buick Nationals??

    We are discussing it now!
  2. SGRIM

    TB update!

    We will be tweaking the ad server last, have to make sure everything is working first. Has everyone tried the search?
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    We are still restoring stuff!
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    What Happened To Our Website

    To make a long story short, they had our backups on the same network that went down. That was unacceptable. Thankfully we had another hard copied saved at another site. Obviously this was worst case scenario, we are learning from the lesson and will be searching a new data center as we get...
  5. SGRIM

    Action Fabrication Stretch Slick

  6. SGRIM

    Bruce Toelle SR has passed away.

    Sorry for your loss brother!
  7. SGRIM

    Champion irons

    I removed the ID
  8. SGRIM

    Ulose2a6 resolution---mods combine if needed

    Glad its settled....
  9. SGRIM

    Notice the shrinking vendor list!

    I have no problem with the site on FB. We are still trying to work a few bugs out before I do donations. I want the site at its best!
  10. SGRIM

    Notice the shrinking vendor list!

    Please notice the shrinking supporting vendor list. Had one vendor stop supporting the board today because I wouldn't remove a post from the Turbobuick members page on facebook. I do not own or control that page. A vendors ad on TurboBuick applies to only. I do not own the...
  11. SGRIM

    Down Time!

    Hey guys our servers are being moved over the next 48 hours. We should just be looking at a couple of hours off line. Nothing should change! THANKS!
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    Scammed by 87we4!!!

    WOW, just freaking wow... He gone. Its over folks....
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    WE4 is Bruce, the former owner of the board. I am extending him a courtesy as he is having to sale out. You can block him and you will not see any of his posts. This is a one time thing!
  14. SGRIM

    Free Luncheon May 24th at RCG'S

    Even though the track portion of the event has been cancelled things are still on schedule at Richard Clark's Garage. Richard Clark and Ron Bailey will be putting on a FREE luncheon at Noon on Friday the 24th! Please RSVP here, or on the FB thread or contact Pete H. at RCG's! See you there!
  15. SGRIM

    Track Rental Cancellation!

    It's with a heavy heart I must announce we must cancel the track rental at Piedmont Dragway for 2019! Due to lack of interest and support. We only have 1/3rd of the confirmed attendees as we did one year ago at the same time! We had 6 confirmed vendors compared to 31 last year. Events at...
  16. SGRIM

    Smoke out the breathers

    I tried to give you plenty of room. You are to stupid to help yourself. Now you can go cry like a little girl on Facebook. I even took the time to send you a PM and tell you to quit attacking members, we did not want to close your thread but you are TOO STUPID TO COMPREHEND ENGLISH.
  17. SGRIM

    Blowing oil out of breathers!! Compression test results.

    Just keep it civil guys... It's not that hard...
  18. SGRIM

    Blowing oil out of breathers!! Compression test results.

    Anything other than pure tech and this thread is done. Take the drama some where else....
  19. SGRIM

    Stage 1, ta performace alum heads, blowing smoke and oil out of both breathers after fresh rebuild. less then 300 miles on engine.

    THIS IS DONE. OP is only looking to talk crap. He doesn't want help and he can't stop insulting people that don't say what he wants to hear. I warned you about insulting people... Start another thread and I will just ban you. This is a complete joke...