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  1. DMAC

    Wanted Holley HP ECU or Dominator

    Anyone half one for half price ? ( a guy can dream right ? ) 76227
  2. DMAC

    1984-85 Hot Air Wiring Harness

    I have a wiring harness in good condition $50.00 plus ride
  3. DMAC

    Starting A DFW GN Group

    I would like to start a DFW group , to perhaps meet somewhere monthly to connect some of our GN brothers out there, My idea would be to meet once a month at alternating locations . Let me know if you would like to be a part of the group. Just and informal group that can meet up and talk cars !
  4. DMAC

    Looking for Header With External Waste Gate

    Anyone have one they want to sell ? zip 76227
  5. DMAC

    Pictures of B& M Trans Cooler W Fan For Front Mount

    Here are some pictures of my trans cooler that is mounted under the front of the car. This is the best place I could find to mount on the car given I have alky kit running under battery , and didn't want to mount in front of my front mount intercooler with a heat source , I looked at mounting...
  6. DMAC

    A Few Hot Air Parts Cheap - Dallas Area

    Looking to clean out my garage , and have a few parts for 84/85 turbo Buick , Make me a deal and they are yours , I can meet in the Dallas area. PS Pump AC Compressor Two Sets of Valve Covers Acess Bracket Manifold Crank Pulley
  7. DMAC

    Wilwood Porportioning Valve Correct ?

    Just changed the rear drums to disk , Anyone know if this is the correct type of adjustable valve ? Does it just go inline ?
  8. DMAC

    Rear Disc Conversion Kit By Little Shop - Opinions ( bolt on )

    I found a kit online that states you don't have to pull axles and it a bolt on kit . Just wanting some opinions on the kit as I compare this one to the right stuff kit or others that are out there.
  9. DMAC

    Halo daytime and HID Lights

    My old HID were having some shorts with the transistors so I decided to get some Halos. I they make a harness that you can order to have option of running them for daytime driving or turning them off They are very bright and look great , I don't remember the brand since I purchased over a year...
  10. DMAC

    HR Rear Sway bar

    Anyone have one they need to sell ? Zip code 71701
  11. DMAC

    HR Rear Sway bar

    Just checking to see if anyone has one before I buy one. Zipcode 71701
  12. DMAC

    Stock Intercooler

    Selling me stock Intercooler it in great condition and only selling it because I went to a Front mount. 100.00 Shipped !!!
  13. DMAC

    WTB Complete Vaccum Brake Set Up - In Good Condtion.

    Any pictures would be nice Zip will be 72712
  14. DMAC

    Stock Intercooler 125 Shipped . Excellent Condtion

    I upgraded to a front mount and selling my IC that is in excellent condition.
  15. DMAC

    WTB 87 ALT Bracket ( Rear one that bolts on manifold)

    Any one have one please send me pic Zip code 73089
  16. DMAC

    WTB Stretched Stock IC Brackets

    Anyone have a set ?
  17. DMAC

    WTB 86-87 Coil Pack Brackets and Bolts. & Y Bracket for ALT

    Anyone have these available ? Please send me pics with shipping. Also looking for Oil Tube and Dip Stick Trans Tube and Dip stick Zip Code 73089
  18. DMAC

    WTB Timing Cover and Hi Volume Oil Pump & Fuel Lines

    Would like a nice cover and Hi Volume Oil pump if anyone has them Looking for a decent set of fuel lines that hook to the fuel lines on the rail and run to the engine.
  19. DMAC

    Looking for aftermarket performace headers 86-87

    Anyone have a good set of aftermarket headers collecting dust ?
  20. DMAC

    Bullet Proof Head Gasket Set Still In Package !!

    I am selling a Bullet Proof head gasket set purchased from GBODY Parts for $155.00 Plush Shipping for only 105.00 Shipped to US .!! This is a steal of a deal !