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    Vendors beware!

    Watch out for Jason Perri out of Bradenton FL, likes to file Paypal disputes when things don't go his way. Emailed me to return a cold air kit "because he sold his car". Told him there is a restocking fee and shipping is not refundable which is clearly listed on our site. Also mentioned that...
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    Odds & Ends - front bumper fillers / headlight bezels/ driveshaft loop / brake cables / blank GM hoodliner/repro visors/Turbo Tweak alky chip/more!

    Goodmark FRONT bumper fillers NEW $160 Repro headlight bezels used, good shape $60 3 emergency brake cables NEW $30 Turbo Tweak alky chip for 60lb injectors 5.7 version - $35 Polished battery cover with engraved Power 6 USED and needs some TLC! - $35 Repro visors like new. (PASS SIDE IS NOT THE...
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    TR Custom Parts 4th of July Intercooler sale! 10% off thru 7-7-19

    All intercoolers on sale for 10% off thru 7-7-19! Sorry, no other items are on sale.
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    AC O-ring for evaporator to dryer/receiver

    Anyone know what size O-ring is used where the evaporator goes into the dryer? Couldn't find the size at any of the local auto parts places.
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    Scanmaster not recognizing wideband PLX

    Working on a project car. New scanmaster, powerlogger and PLX wideband. All wired correctly and scanmaster is not showing any wideband reading which should be the default display. Yes, scanmaster has 2.2 chip update. Running Turbo Tweak 6.1 alky chip for PLX wideband. MAF signal wire to #2...
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    Concert Sound 2 or not?

    Working on a nightmare of a car for a friend/customer. Actually quite a famous Buick a few years back and everywhere I turn on this thing I am running into substandard work. Trying to figure out stereo, has concert sound 2 door panels so assuming this is what the car came with but whoever...
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    3rd Annual Auto Show - Woodbridge CT 10/3/15

    RAINED OUT ON 10/3! We are trying again on Saturday 10/10/2015 This is a show I run every year at the nursing home I work at for my day job. This will be our 3rd show and it gets better every year. We got rained out in July so we have regroup and will be having it on October 3rd. Nice...
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    Trying to ID a MAP sensor

    Working on a car that had two MAP sensors mounted side by side. One not being used. The one that is hooked up only has the numbers 9756-B6 and PBT-GF30 on it. The other one has a GM number of 12569241 and believe that it is a 2 bar. Trying to find out if the first one listed is a 3 bar but...
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    Reliable place to buy Tial products

    Looking to buy a Tial product for a friends car that I am working on. Anyone know of a reliable dealer of their stuff?
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    Strange noise

    trying to diagnose a noise on a friend's car, not anywhere near him and only have a video. Take a listen How do I post a video
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    USED GM door weatherstrips

    Pair of used door weatherstrips taken of the TR Custom Parts GN. Car has less than 38,000 miles and garage kept its whole life. Only changed out since I was having the doors painted. Perfect for a daily driver that needs better weatherstripping. NOT 100% perfect as there are some small tears...
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    GM AM/FM CD Player

    I bought this a few years ago for my GN. Decided to degrade stereos and picked up a similar unit with a cassette player since I have a huge box of cassettes from back when music was good! The unit I just got also has an aux port so I can listen to Spotify or Pandora on my iphone. This is the...
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    Caspers Cam sensor cap - NEW

    New in package. Details below from Caspers website. $75 shipped to lower 48 states. Paypal payment to Send payment as a FRIEND to avoid Paypal fees. Cam Sensor Cap Only 1984 / 1989 New design provides a simple and accurate procedure to set the required 25 degree...
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    TR Custom Parts some stuff taken off from our GN

    All parts less than 38,000 miles. Paypal ONLY and payments should be sent as a friend. Shipped to lower 48 ONLY. Paypal is FOR ACCURATE SHIPPING COSTS I WILL NEED YOUR NAME, ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER SENT TO ME IN A PM SOLD! Lower intake manifold BARE, no sensors...
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    Code 34, dumb question.

    Finally got my GN up and running and have about 10 minutes of run time on it. New TA timing chain, Champion ported heads and intake. Took the front end down to the bare frame rails, new tubular control arms and neatened up the wiring. Also stripped and painted everything except the roof and...
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    Door grounding?

    Recently did a lot of work on the GN including motor, suspension, painting etc. All I have left to do is button up the inside door panels but I can't get my power windows to work. Car was down to the bare frame rails and decided to take doors off for paint work. Used my 14v drill battery...
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    Reproduction AC hose/pipe users check in!

    Bought a set of the reproduction AC hose/pipe assemblies that are now available along with a GM compressor and condenser. The new compressor requires and different type of seal and in this application also needs a small insert pressed into the discharge pilot of the hose block. My issue is I...
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    Footwell light - passenger side

    Having major brain fade, where does this thing mount? Took car apart 5 months ago and can't for the life of me remember. Can anyone post a pic? Thought it was in the center of the glovebox door mounting rail but it won't allow glovebox to close.
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    Installing plastic fenderwells

    Waiting for my doors to be painted, before putting the nose back on the car. At a standstill right now waiting on the painter. Can I install the plastic fenderwells WITHOUT installing the fenders so I can finish all my wiring? Just trying to get more work done so I can actually drive it this...
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    Anyone using the Weber rocker shaft braces?

    Got some of Weber's rocker shaft braces. Comes with six shaft braces and longer bolts. Pic is of them installed. Seems really tight to the sides of the rockers. Anyone else out there using these?