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  1. Bens87tr

    Stock Throttle body with crazy looking custom plenum

    Includes TB, plenum, TPS sensor and IAC motor (everything pictured). I'm not sure how good the plenum works. It may be more of a coffee table conversation piece than a useful Buick part, you decide. $65 shipped lower 48, paypal preferred.
  2. Bens87tr

    NOS coolant and windshield washer fluid reservoirs

    I'm cleaning out the garage. These two items have a few minor scuffs from sitting around for 10 years, but they are still in great condition and have never been installed. $32 takes the pair shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states. Paypal preferred.
  3. Bens87tr

    Cheap chips for stock injectors, 50's, and 55's

    Jay Carter 93 octane street chip for stock setup. $15 shipped Turbotweak Emissions chip for 50 # injectors $10 shipped Extender chip for 50 # injectors $25 shipped Burnt for 93 octane + alky, anti-theft, stock cam Unknown street chip for 55 # injectors $10 shipped
  4. Bens87tr

    3.5" MAF (GM) // stock EQ radios (2 available)

    LS1 MAF - $45 shipped in the US. Stock Delco radio/cassette with 5-Band EQ - $55 each shipped in the US. These radios were both in working order when they were taken out 8 years ago, they have not been in a car since. I currently have no way to test them. I will accept a return if they do...
  5. Bens87tr

    Stock 87 ECM

    Asking $75 shipped, paypal preferred.
  6. Bens87tr

    Steadfast Steering Column Lock, black

    I purchased this in 2003 and never installed it. $135 shipped to Continental US. Paypal preferred.
  7. Bens87tr

    A bunch of "classic" GM High Tech magazines

    I'm selling off my old collection. I've counted 18 GMHTP magazines plus a bonus Turbo & High-Tech Performance magazine. I've got a few of the popular ones (Big Bad Buicks, Trick Turbo Twins) Plus a bunch of others that have good Buick articles. Most were from my subscription so they have...
  8. Bens87tr

    NOS 86-87 Black Grille

    Not a reproduction. $375 + shipping out of CT.
  9. Bens87tr

    Weathershield Car Cover

    This is a nice lightweight car cover custom fit for a G Body with mirror pockets. This thing probably has about 1-2 weeks of actual outdoor time on it so it's in perfect condition. Bag is included, color is light grey. Here is a link to a new one: Weathershield Car Cover by Covercraft...
  10. Bens87tr

    Clean, Fast White T in Connecticut

    I've finally gotten all the details and pics ready to go. History: I purchased this car back in 1998. Car had been repainted before I bought it due to being hit in the right front from failed powermaster. It had 85K on the clock then and now has 106K miles. It's only been a summer fun car...
  11. Bens87tr

    Russ Merritt built 109 in Connecticut

    accidentally posted in the parts wanted section previously... Just over 3k miles on the engine. Details: .030 with TRW forged pistons / Cryoed comp. 212/212 flat tappet cam (typical noisey setup) / beehive springs / ported heads with back cut stock size valves / ported intake / heavy...
  12. Bens87tr

    Russ Merritt built 109 in Connecticut

    Just over 3k miles on the engine. Details: .030 with TRW forged pistons / Cryoed comp. 212/212 flat tappet cam (typical noisey setup) / beehive springs / ported heads with back cut stock size valves / ported intake / heavy duty rocker shafts / shot peened rods / stock crank cut .020/.010 /...
  13. Bens87tr

    Looks like I might be selling...

    My wife and I are trying to buy a house here in town. Definitely at the top of our budget so I think the extra cash would help with some furniture and what not. I just wanted to get the word out the the CT and Mass guys that are familiar with the car. Not sure what it's worth right now or if...
  14. Bens87tr

    GM High Tech Shootout, Sat October 18th

    Is anyone planning to go?
  15. Bens87tr

    Gm High Tech Shootout, Sat Oct 18th

    Anyone from CT or Mass planning on attending? I haven't been to E-town in a few seasons so I'm excited to go. Hopefully the weather will allow...
  16. Bens87tr

    Can someone get a fuel pump that won't S the bed?

    I would like to get a new one, but not a current Walbro. Way to many failures and with a new motor I don't want to take a chance.
  17. Bens87tr

    All Buick Show in Manchester CT - Aug. 23

    August 23, 2008 (Saturday) – Manchester, Connecticut The Buick Club of America’s Yankee Chapter is sponsoring a ‘Buick only’ show on August 23, 2008, at Lynch Buick Pontiac, 512 West Center Street, Manchester, CT 06040. The theme is ‘Buicks Celebrate in 2008’. Show time will be 9 AM – 3...
  18. Bens87tr

    Passenger side air dam

    Looking for very good or excellent condition (no scratches). I'm located in Connecticut.
  19. Bens87tr

    Red Regal T / Cotton's Performance

    Got the Vacuum brake conversion kit from John, installed by Cotton's - Works perfect. Fast turn around by both parties.
  20. Bens87tr

    Rear lower control arms, ATR sway bar

    Looking for a nice set of boxed lowers (aftermarket) and an ATR style rear sway bar.