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    Original Radiator End Tanks

    Have a set of end tanks cut off of a OEM radiator. Does anyone re-core these anymore? Are they worth anything more than scrap metal?
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    what is this for?

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    Radiator tanks

    I have a set of original radiator tanks. The core was bad so I cut the tanks off years a go. Are they worth anything or are the garbage these days.
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    How good are David Hussek's transmissions?

    Top notch. Extremely meticulous about all his builds.
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    mig welding question

    Was using a buddies 110 Lincoln mig with gas today and it was welding horribly. It kept pushing me off the metal. It would start welding but then it would stop push my hand back then burn again. This kept happening again and again. Tried different wire speeds but i could not get it to burn...
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    Body repair shop in South New Jersey

    Does anyone here know of a Body repair shop for basic fill and spray damages nothing extreme in South New Jersey. Specifically, the Marlboro-Old Bridge-Englishtown-Manalapan-Freehold- Jackson area. This will not be an insurance claim. It will be cash out of my pocket so the cheaper the better...
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    When using a aftermarket head unit which has pre-amp RCA outputs and a built in LPF. Should the LPF be used on the head unit or the one built in to the amplifier for subwoofers. Someone even told me to use both?
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    Thanks for the replies. Seems like cross drilled are like everything else in life, a compromise. Better performance but prone to problems. Turbo Nasty have you used the rotors form Dimpled? I thought the reason for the cross drilling was to lower the temps of the...
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    Looking to replace the rotors. Is cross drilled and slotted a good way to go. I have heard back in the day cross drilled have cracked. If, I was looking for the best rotor on the market with the most stopping power would cross drilled and slotted be the way to go?
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    Performance Stock Location Intercooler

    Anyone have a performance stock location intercooler they are looking to sell? Not interested in Duttweiler neck.
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    Battery Drain Help

    Awesome. Thank you both for the help. I will post back soon.
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    Battery Drain Help

    I have a 04 Jeep Grand Cherokee which kills a fully charged battery in a day or two. I have replaced the battery a few times and did a load test, which passes. Hooked a amp meter up to it and it bounces between .07-.08 amps (70-80 ma). That seemed a little high to me so I checked the draw on a...
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    1987 Turbo Regal Part Out

    If the center caps are available, let me know.
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    Evaporative Smoke Machine

    Does anyone know of a way to make a really inexpensive Evap Smoke machine? I am trying to find a vacuum leak with no luck. Don't want to send it out or spend $1000 for a machine. I have heard of people making them for under $50 bucks.
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    parts catalog

    Used to be able to just click on the section years a go.
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    Grand Cherokee Noise help please.

    1999 wj v8 Dana 44 rear, Dana 30 front. When traveling 40 mph and faster when I let off the gas and coast there is a constant howling or whining noise which changes with the speed of the vechile. The slightest touch of the gas and it goes away completely until the jeep decels. If you put the...
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    Thank you. I hoping to hear that.
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    Does a differential need to set up and the shims changed if the carrier and pinion bearings are changed? I need to change all the bearings in a differential but will reuse the ring, pinion, carrier and spiders. This is the first time anyone has been inside this differential, everything is...
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    stock location Intercoolers

    Looking for a stock location performance/upgraded intercooler. Which venders carry them these days. Not interested in a dutweiler neck.
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    upgraded Stock location inter-cooler

    Anyone have a stock location performance inter-cooler for sale. Not really interested in a dutweiler neck. Looking to go back to the stock location so if there is an interest in the Eastern let me know.