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  1. salvageV6

    Shredded Oak

    Nice hole in the ground where it went in. :eek: Missed the GN and the house by 30 feet.
  2. salvageV6

    1969 Shredding Where No Man Has Shred Before * WOODSTOCK *

    Enjoy, stick around for the 5 minute and ending solos, worth the wait. :cool: <iframe width="427" height="240" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  3. salvageV6

    Compression Test ?

    Do you need the fuel injectors in to do the test accurately? TIA
  4. salvageV6

    Bass Blocker Install

    Okay what's the technical explanation for the install instructions I've seen around saying to install them (capacitor(s)) in the positive speaker lead? Should it matter?
  5. salvageV6

    ECM to CCCI Module Wiring ?

    From what I can see in wiring diagrams..... the Pin A connection White wire EST line is direct from the ECM to the module with no connectors in line, is that correct? Trouble shooting that white Pin A wire, and the tan/blk EST bypass wire and want to make sure there are no connectors...
  6. salvageV6

    Gen II White Wire?

    Is the Gen II white wire supposed to go to B4 at the ECM being the EST line, or to the white rpm wire under the hood for tach/rpm's? TIA
  7. salvageV6

    ECM Harness Pins Part Number or Vendor

    Any one have the part number/manufacturer or source for ECM harness connector pins? I bought a replacement harness from Caspers but forgot I need a good pin to add to program my Extender Extreme chip. I may try to get one out of the cut off connector but would prefer a new pin if possible. TIA
  8. salvageV6

    Best Way To Cut 4" Iron Sewer Pipe??? Plumbers.....

    Any best tools for the job? I will be purchasing a 3"-6" die/angle grinder electric model, help with wheel size and brand would be nice. Gonna buy a sawzall too since borrowing one would be easy but since it's a sewer pipe I will get my own. Any tips on wheels or best blades to use ? Pipe...
  9. salvageV6

    Who Sells the Factory Cruise Vacuum / TCC Elec. Brake Switch?

    Anyone know of a source? Looking for the top brake switch which releases vacuum to the cruise control and interrupts the TCC power when brake is pressed.
  10. salvageV6

    Cork Transmission Gasket?

    Any vendors sell just the cork gasket for the transmission? :confused: Looked at several and couldn't find one.... :oops:
  11. salvageV6

    Best Drivers Stainless Header

    I need a replacement drivers stainless header that fits and fits the stock style crossover. Who makes one that bolts on with no issues of fitment and doesn't need porting etc.? No gaskets are going to be used either and I prefer stainless. Kirbans has one in 409 based or the exact TA type but...
  12. salvageV6

    Upstate NY Road Trip

    Put 500 miles on the old GN last weekend visiting Upstate NY. :cool: Lots of hill climbing and of course some downhill bonzai driving in the GN. :eek: Went to a small town called Norwich NY to see the Northeast Classic Car Museum. My father made parts for...
  13. salvageV6

    Approx. Value of....

    Merry Christmas!!!!! What would you think the value of a Winchester 30-30 lever action Model 94 would be in avg shape at best. !978 serial number in the 4,000,000 range. Some surface rust not much. Attic found barrel interior seems ok. Comes with an Enfield Army rifle either .22 or .303...
  14. salvageV6

    Anyone Use Cadence Separates in C.S. Location 5.25" ???

    They aren't cheap but seem to be quality speakers on paper..... o_O Trying to find a replacement JBL GTI 500, 504, is like finding a twin turbo factory Regal. :p Any Cadence experiences would be appreciated. Here is what I am considering CVL-5K due to the cast frame and 3" voice coil...
  15. salvageV6

    Pioneer DEH-P47 and IPOD Controls ???????

    Anyone know how to select random play for playlists on this thing? Func. 1 appears to be pause control. Func. 2-4 won't let me select random ON, do I need to disable repeat track or all or something first? Any links to a description of how it all works or doesn't actually, would be...
  16. salvageV6

    Pioneer DEH-P47 Question?

    Does this thing have a lamp dimmer on it? If so what pin? Some literature says yes the manual for installation doesn't show it..... o_O
  17. salvageV6

    Drivers Side Intercooler Bracket Bolt Thread Size?

    Anyone know off hand what thread size the stock intercooler bracket bolt is on the drivers side? Mine took off most likely because it's a bit stripped.... :eek::rolleyes: The proper length would help too if you know it.... TIA.
  18. salvageV6

    GN Lathe

    Well it's good to know you can turn the axle flanges down a bit while still on the car. :eek::po_O Had to do it to fit aftermarket EBC stock replacement gray iron rotors, with the Baer rear brakes, not every Corvette rotor fits these brakes in the Buick application I guess. :rolleyes...
  19. salvageV6

    Free GN

    You get it out in an hour and I'll throw you the keys from 40 feet away which is as far as I got. :eek::p Oh yeah none of the streets are passable yet within a mile of here. :oops: That's an hour from now. ;) Legalese, not an offer valid anywhere in this universe or any other one.
  20. salvageV6

    Ho Ho Ho

    Merry Christmas fellow Northeastern New Englanders. :cool::)