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    sold my gn.. now parts must go..

    Following parts are sold.: buick emblem window sills horn ring shifter handles Pending Sales: ecm with mild chip Parts still for sale: Price includes shipping..In US.. brand new GM 'body by fisher' door sills $110 new High Pressure Adjustable Wastegate Actuator $80 New GM...
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    sold my gn.. now parts must go..

    door sill plates.. 1982-1987 Two-Door Buick Regal (including Turbo Regals) - GM DOOR SILL PLATES (2) These are original, brand new GM door sill plates, complete with the small "Body by Fisher" logo plate in the center. Over the years, the original plates in your Regal may have been...
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    Big Neck Intercooler.. stock location

    looking for a dutt or any big neck intercooler (stock location) that is in great condition... Please e-mail me... thanks, Shawn
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    Car stalling @ WOT???

    My 87 gn stalls sometimes at WOT.. It stalls.. Then it starts right back up..?? Anyone have anything like this happen to them?? Any ideas of what it could be..?? thanks shawn
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    What kind of Chip do i have..???

    It is labled P.T.E...?? Anyone have a clue what this stands for..?? thanks