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  1. tonysmach

    FPR, PS pressure line, exhaust hangers, R Pinion Yoke, Misc

    Some miscellaneous parst for sale. Shipping is included and to the Continental US only 1. Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator $50 shipped 2. Power Steering Pressure Line $25 shipped 3. Stock Rear Pinion Yoke with nut $35 shipped 4. Rear Exhaust Hangers $ 25 shipped 5. Package of Misc...
  2. tonysmach

    New Dyno #

    Went to Dyno Day at local performance shop. Last dyno was 2 years ago which resulted in 623 RWHP at 28 lbs/boost. Last year I added TR6 Ignition module. At 24 Lbs/boost it put down the same 623 on the first run and 619 on second. Timing was the same at 19.5 degrees. See Dyno sheets...
  3. tonysmach

    Homelink Rearview Mirror and other pics

    Here is a picture of mirror with ScanMaster 3 mounted to it. Just thought I would post a picture of the mirror I purchased from GNXparts. Also, posted pic of engine with TR6 ignition module installed on driver's side inner fender. One more pic of the car.
  4. tonysmach

    Lighted Rearview Mirror

    For sale is rearview mirror with two lights, one on each side. Each light has its own switch. Just hook up to power and ground. No scratches in mirror. Any marks you see in picture is from reflection. $35 shipped to 48 continental states. I accept Paypal.
  5. tonysmach

    Front Seat Covers

    I have a very nice set of Front Seat Covers. The Driver's side has cutout for ashtray. One of the head covers has a broken zipper. I can't say if these are OEM but the material is much thicker and nicer than the reproduction covers I purchased to replace my complete interior. You can't tell...
  6. tonysmach

    Hard Coolant Lines

    These are very nice stock coolant lines. They have fresh paint and clear coat. Price is $45 shipped to the 48 US states. I take Paypal.
  7. tonysmach

    Black Moroso Ultra 40 Spark Plug Wires

    These have less than 2000 miles on them. These are sold by GNS Performance for $242. I am only selling because I switched to a TR6 ignition module and coil. Price is $125 shipped to 48 US states. I take paypal.
  8. tonysmach

    Stock appearing Hemco Plenum?

    Anyone have a Hemco they want to sell?
  9. tonysmach

    Alradco / Peter has great customer service

    I have always had great service from Peter at Alradco. I purchased a radiator a couple years ago and it was a very smooth transaction and a great product. I purchased low beam HIDs over a year ago and recently purchased Hi-beam HID lights from Peter. When I received a bad ballast on the...
  10. tonysmach

    GN Rear Seat Covers

    This is a very nice set of GN rear seat covers. When I purchased my GN over 4 years ago, the front seat covers were aftermarket and did not match the original rear seat. I decided to replace the total interior so it all matches. There is some sun fade on the top of the back cover as shown in...
  11. tonysmach

    outside door sweeps

    I have a pair of used outside door sweeps. The driver's side has 2 small dents/kinks in the front where it curves upward. See picture. The passenger side is in very very good condition. Selling price is $65 plus shipping for both. Basically throwing in the dented one for free.
  12. tonysmach

    Pull strap Escutcheons and screw covers

    Full set of 4 escutcheons with screw covers. Three of the four have minor scratches. See pictures. One is almost perfect. The chrome is very nice. See pics. No cracks at all. Comes with GN charcoal door strap covers. Price is $85 plus shipping or reasonable offer.
  13. tonysmach

    Grey Upper Door Panel - double stitch

    These are very nice grey upper door panels. The have the double stitching found on T Types and Turbo T. They are 25 years old so there is fading. $100 plus shipping. I also have escutcheons and screw covers in for sale separately.
  14. tonysmach

    GN upper door panels

    I am looking for a pair of GN gray pallex upper door panels. They must be in very good to excellent condition and come from a GN with power windows. Let me know if you have any. thanks.
  15. tonysmach

    Accufab Fuel Pressure Regulator

    Cleaning out garage. I have Accufab FP regulator hardly used. It does have O-ring. $85 shipped to continental 48 states.
  16. tonysmach

    T-top interior pieces for above visor

    I have 2 sets of the driver and passenger side interior T-top pieces that go over the visors. Where they connect to A-pillar is chipped/broken. These are not perfect. See pictures to view broken area. Also have T-top center piece. It is also chipped/broken. see picture. I will sell all...
  17. tonysmach

    Misc Parts for sale

    Cleaning up garage. Have the following items for sale. 1. Oil dipstick - NO tube - $25 shipped 2. Fuel evaporator ball that goes under DS front fender - $15 shipped 3. Flat wire loom that goes behind dash - $10 shipped 4. 2 bars for rear seat brace - I only have 2 of the bars - normally comes...
  18. tonysmach

    Driveshaft loop Stock motor mounts

    For sale is a driveshaft loop that has been cut and welded to make larger. $42 shipped to the continental USA only. Stock motor mounts with about 78000 miles. $31 shipped to the continental USA only. I take Paypal.
  19. tonysmach

    1350 Pinion Yoke install questions

    I need to upgrade driveshaft. First I need to install the 1350 pinion yoke and then measure for the new driveshaft. Besides the pinion yoke (I have a chrome moly yoke) do I also need pinion seal and crush sleeve? Can anyone point me to some instructions on replacing the stock pinion yoke with...
  20. tonysmach

    My Best time slip

    If I get my 60 ft down and increase boost to get to 135 mph. what will my time be? I am BWZ on the slip 60 ft. 1.745 330 4.704 1/8 7.086 MPH 104.65 1000 9.903 1.4 10.783 MPH 131.38