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  1. captndave737

    Biggie adapter and bad filters

    So I got an RJC biggie oil filter adapter and bought 5 WIX filters. I had never done this before but probably should have, I blew into the center hole on the oil filters to check the anti drain back valve as recommended by RJC and 3 out of the 5 failed! I guess I should have been doing this...
  2. captndave737

    Tuning advice/questions

    So here are a couple of pulls I made yesterday. The first one I get 3 deg. KR at the same time as a slight spike in RPM. Actual A/F is slightly richer than target A/F. The second no KR. I'm new to tuning with FAST so I'm looking for help in figuring out what's happening. FP rises 1-1 with...
  3. captndave737

    87 GN for sale-original owner

    87GN T top, original owner, MAF Translator Gen ll, scan master, Extender Chip,60# injectors, LT1 MAF, TR6, 2 1/2" cat back SS 3 muffler exhaust, Dw300 pump with hot wire, dual catch cans, hydraboost, NVU group buy instrument panel, EAT Stage ll, Lonnie Diers 9 1/2 " 3000 LU converter, aluminum...
  4. captndave737

    Engine Removal

    I know this has been posted but when I do a search on anything almost nothing comes up!!! I'm getting ready to pull my engine for the first time. The factory manual has you removing all sorts of things before pulling it out but I remember reading that a lot of that wasn't necessary. Does...
  5. captndave737

    Engine Knock

    My car has been sitting since it suddenly developed a loud knock. I drove home about 3 miles when it happened. I pulled the fan belt and ran it for a few seconds to make sure it wasn't an accessory, it wasn't. Checked the balancer and flex plate and found no problem but the crankshaft seemed...
  6. captndave737

    Rebuild time

    I was driving the other day and I started getting a light knock I was 2 miles from home and by got there it was a really bad knock and squeal. I took off the fan belt and I still dad the knock. Checked the torque converter + flywheel bolts which were tight but I can move the crank shaft back and...
  7. captndave737

    Another Knock sensor question

    I've been looking at past threads to see what the torque spec is for the sensor. I know on it shows 14 ft. Lbs. Does anyone know where GM published that? I've been unable to find it anywhere in the service manuals!
  8. captndave737

    Oil Pressure relief pressure

    What should it be set at? 40# 60# something else? Are there any downsides to running higher pressures?
  9. captndave737

    spark plug gap

    when setting the gap on NGK plugs do you use a wire type gauge and measure to the bottom of the V or gap like the V wasn't there?
  10. captndave737

    Cracked headers

    We all know the headers, stock and otherwise crack. I've had mine welded a few times. Earl Brown has stated that it's because the crossover pipe expands and contracts with heat which seems to make sense and I've thought that myself. Has anyone put a flex pipe in the crossover to eliminate...
  11. captndave737

    Valve springs and leakdown test

    Ive never replaced my valve springs and I figure it's time. What springs should I get? Part #'s. Stock engine street driven. I have 150-155 lbs. on all cylinders when I do a compression test. Is there any reason to get a leak down tester or can I just hook my compressor up and see what...
  12. captndave737


    whats the difference between the Precision SLIC and the TR Costom Parts SLIC besides price?
  13. captndave737

    Engine Experts

    While replacing my rear main seal I noticed my bearing was pitted. I'm collecting parts for a build but was hoping to get another year before I took it off the road. I figure I'll drive about 6,000 miles pulling my trailer in that time (650#). Will it make it or will the engine be toast...
  14. captndave737

    Stock IC

    What's the highest hp/best times anyone has achieved with the stock IC ?
  15. captndave737


    So I'm beginning to gather parts and ideas for a frame up resto starting in about a year. I'm seriously thinking of changing the color to white but leaving the grill, bumper strips, light bezels (turn and headlight ) and front spoiler black. Thoughts? And does anyone have pictures with that combo?
  16. captndave737

    Wide Band

    is there any advantage to running a WB in a street driven car? Does it do anything in closed loop or only in enrichment mode?
  17. captndave737

    very bad oil leak from new TA cover

    I suddenly developed a massive oil leak, like a quart every 150 miles. I'm glad this happened after the 2500 mile trip I just took. I checked the usual suspects; valve covers, oil pan, front seal etc. all were dry but the leak was coming from the front. I traced it to the bolt that goes...
  18. captndave737

    Wild electrons and low BLM's

    Well I got my fuel pressure issue sorted out, seems it was probably just a loose terminal on the hotwire relay but I still have my emergency kit with me. So I once again leave NC headed for Boston. Everything is...
  19. captndave737

    Stuck on the side of the road

    Well I checked everything before starting out on a 2 week trip. Just installed the TR 6 and the car is purring like a kitten. 175 miles in I start seeing my voltage vary quite a bit, I hear a little whine and the car dies! No fuel pressure. I check out the fuses, unplug the hotwire and hook...
  20. captndave737

    oil pump priming tool

    I can't find my oil pump primer that I made from an old distributor years ago. Will a Chevy primer work?