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    Casper's and inj cleaning @ GS Nat's?

    Is Casper's at the GS Nats? And will there be anyone doing inj cleaning there?
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    Dynamic EFI EBL Flash System For GM Sequential V6 Boosted Engines....

    Is there any kind of anti-theft provision or any way to program it in, similar to to old Thrasher chip anti-theft procedure? Hopefully no one will post the sequence...
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    87 intake manifold & plenum swap.

    Mine is modded like Matt921's. I can't post the pics of mine because they're too big. If someone wants to resize them and post them for me, pm me an email address. I can't resize them on my phone to post them. It would be nice to know how it flows from runner to runner.
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    87 intake manifold & plenum swap.

    I emailed Jason yesterday and asked him about it. He said pretty much what was said here that there isn't a big enough market to justify spending at least 40-50 hrs of r&d to make a PP for us. He wouldn't even guess if the PP for stock uppers would help or hurt. The flow info is on his website...
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    87 intake manifold & plenum swap.

    Nope, back two cyls are leaner. Airflow hits the back wall of stock upper and straight down into back 2. With the way we are modifying the stock uppers, it's probably worse, which is why I brought it up. Also, I misspoke, there is no PP for the Hemco. There are for the Precision upper, BGC...
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    87 intake manifold & plenum swap.

    I was just wondering that since there is more than one configuration of powerplate depending on the intake or upper you're using(Hemco, etc), that maybe since these stock uppers are modified, that the power plate for the stock upper isn't the right one anymore. Probably better than not running...
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    87 intake manifold & plenum swap.

    I was wondering how the cylinder distribution is with these modified uppers. Are the back 2 cylinders still lean like with the stock upper, or is it completely different? Was going to run power plate with mine. I'll post pics of my modified upper soon. Does the standard power plate help it or...
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    HA Boost Gauge Hookup

    I guess I'm not understanding why it's a bad idea. By using the front port, you are referencing off the same plenum that all the other boost referencing lines get their signal from. You definitely DO NOT want to tee into your fpr line. That needs to be the most securely fastened line that you...
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    HA Boost Gauge Hookup

    If my memory is correct and you are still running the stock hot air intake, there is a hex head pipe plug on the front drivers side of the intake. Take that plug out, it's a direct access to the main plenum of the hot air intake, perfect for a vac/boost gauge. Hope this helps.
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    26 year Parts HOARD MARCH up date Tons of New NOS Used Parts

    Just to be clear, this is for the throttle bracket only?
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    26 year Parts HOARD MARCH up date Tons of New NOS Used Parts

    Yes, holds throttle and TV cable.
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    87 intake manifold & plenum swap.

    My car did well, even with my custom upper plenum. 330hp/440tq at 16# with 91oct and a Joe Lubrant low timing street chip, most probably with a cam lobe going flat. A week after the chassis dyno, ran it at the track with same tank of gas and with an open dump on the first TH-style hotair 3" DP...
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    26 year Parts HOARD MARCH up date Tons of New NOS Used Parts

    Do you have an 86-87 throttle bracket? If so, how much shipped to 66109?
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    87 intake manifold & plenum swap.

    Wow. I step away for a while, and look what I've missed. I didn't think there was enough room for the 87 upper plenum when I was the first way back in 2002 to do the 87 lower intake swap. Just recently acquired an 87 upper to modify in the near future for when my motor, which has been apart for...
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    PowerLogger Group Purchase

    Put my order in around 12:30 central time today. Steve told me that he thought there were 10 orders in. Did a couple back out? Surely there's a few more people out there wanting one.
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    Time to go to hotair motor school...

    Would like the .PDF Thanks!
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    too much cam with ta-49?

    Cam shouldn't be the problem unless it started to wipe out the lobes. Post some more info on your, what boost level you're running, whose chip?, etc., and we'll see if we can narrow it down as to what the problem might be... Here's a link to the cam spec card for the 110T cam in...
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    Converting off the 87 MAF

    I installed my LT1 MAF and translator YEARS ago...Back when the translator first came out. I don't even think my translator is upgradeable like the newer ones are, mine is so old... Worked great, last time I drove it(4-5 yrs ago) :eek: Wiped the cam, parked it and walked away(3 cams in...
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    Turbolink says im in p/n and 4th at same time??

    Not sure, but I think park/neutral is mounted on steering column, same place as with column shift...
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    fwd roller and non roller cam parts in gn motor w/pictures

    Here's some progress on mine so far...Now to start the assembly... First pic is assembled with no lifters installed... Second is showing the standoff while installed... Third is showing one of the drilled and tapped holes with it spot-faced so the standoff will sit flat...I did not drill thru...