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  1. Reggie West

    Cal Hartline tuning session for So Cal

    Working on a shop in Temecula but no answer yet. Do you have someone else in mind Lou? No sheep are allowed even as emotioinal support.
  2. Reggie West

    Cal Hartline tuning session for So Cal

    Just an update. It seems we have interest for 7 cars for sure. Need to get a dyno shop set up and working on that now. Will talk to Cal and get a date set. Thanks
  3. Reggie West

    Buick 6 Stage 2 Block

    Scot W on the board here has an aluminum Stage 2 block he is selling. You should talk to him. No its not cheap but none of them are.
  4. Reggie West

    18/19" GNX Replica Wheels Installed

    I was worried about that too but it’s not the case. Dads car runs 295/40/18 Nitto 555s and they do keep traction. Turns out you can have the best of both worlds. The second gear hit is still good and throws you back in the seat.
  5. Reggie West

    Cal Hartline tuning session for So Cal

    Trying to see if there is any interest in having Cal come out this way and tune on some Buicks. No firm date set yet. Just testing the waters Thanks
  6. Reggie West

    Avc gnx style dash (never has been installed)

    Duuhhhh I missed that part. Sorry
  7. Reggie West

    Avc gnx style dash (never has been installed)

    Interested who made it?
  8. Reggie West

    Off center TA block

    TA does have them in stock right now. FYI.
  9. Reggie West

    Bob Bailey ignition module

    Wait a we can run smart coils with your box now?? This is news.....
  10. Reggie West

    The TR Slippery Slope

    You are doing all the right things while the motor is out. I would suggest a set of ARP head studs if you are doing the heads. You are opening Pandora’s box if you want to start messing with the block. The ECUgn is a good idea I would get it back together and run what you have.
  11. Reggie West

    Buick XFI Sportsman

    Cal I called your office too late. What’s the price for them now? I don’t see them listed on your site. Thanks
  12. Reggie West

    Sportsman with 80lb injectors

    Still for sale?
  13. Reggie West

    Buick XFI Sportsman

    Cal are you still selling the Sportsman ECUs?
  14. Reggie West

    Tipping point

    All of the above. I am in the same boat. I see what the new cars will do and come to the same conclusion. My Dad even more so, he is getting to the point where he cant work on his stuff either. I will never get the T Type to the same level as a Hellcat or a Vette. I can get it close in...
  15. Reggie West

    selling my GN

    GNBrett I apologize for hoarding your thread. I will start another one to keep. I would submit however you can sell your motor easily right about now.
  16. Reggie West

    selling my GN

    Yes complete long block and headers.
  17. Reggie West

    selling my GN

    I have one if you want it.
  18. Reggie West

    selling my GN

    The Buick market is just not what it once was. You can no longer sell a good car with all the right parts in them for even money. Usually it goes for 50% or less of what you paid for it. Hot airs are bought as a cheap way in to make 600 hp and fall short too. Low mile original cars are going...
  19. Reggie West

    fuel lines

    Is that filter a paper element?
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