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  1. TurboCrazy

    New project 88 mustang

    Hurry the hell up & get it done, Dennis!! Quit screwing around, or you won't have anything to race. :p;):D
  2. TurboCrazy

    Hydraulic roller lifters with on center block

    William, I'm gonna hold on to the blocks I have. Thanks
  3. TurboCrazy

    oil pump not pumping

    Obviously, you will need to prime the oil pump with a drill, again.(y)
  4. TurboCrazy

    oil pump not pumping

    If you don't have a remote filter system? You really need to use an oil filter that has the check valve in it. It keeps the oil from draining back into the pan & the pump loosing prime. PH-52 or Wix 1036(my preference) if running oil filter in stock location.
  5. TurboCrazy

    oil pump not pumping

    Hmmm... Then it lost prime before the next time you started it? Are you using an oil filter that has the check valve in it?
  6. TurboCrazy

    oil pump not pumping

    Hey, you came here looking for help. We can't help you if we don't know what your set-up is? Anyway, did the oil pressure gauge show any oil pressure when you had no oil to the top end of the motor?
  7. TurboCrazy

    oil pump not pumping

    Exactly why he needs an oil pressure gauge! He hasn't replied as to whether he has one or not?
  8. TurboCrazy

    I dont think its gonna fit

    That is very impressive. (y) Definitely sticks up there a ways! :D
  9. TurboCrazy

    oil pump not pumping

    Do you have a mechanical oil pressure gauge hook up? If not, that is a mistake. Guessing about oil pressure & whether or not you have oil circulation on Buick V6 motors, never ends well. Kinda sounds like you have something plugging the oil pick-up screen in the pan. At this point you have most...
  10. TurboCrazy

    How many stage II blocks were produced ?

    Thanks, Mike. Have an off-center S2 4.1 also. :D
  11. TurboCrazy

    How many stage II blocks were produced ?

    I have U 814(virgin), U1051, & U1077. I would like to see pics of the 6 bolt block, also. I saw one a long time ago, but didn't pay a lot of attention to it. At that time I didn't know how rare it was.:(
  12. TurboCrazy

    Oil Pump Bolts?

    Melling makes kits for our oil pumps.
  13. TurboCrazy

    How many stage II blocks were produced ?

    Dank, your center mains are splayed main caps. Not cross bolted. If they were cross bolted, they would have bolts that screwed in from the outside of the block like the front & rear mains. Just saying.;)
  14. TurboCrazy

    No Oil Pressure

    How long had the motor been sitting, before you installed it & tried to start it? Did you prime the motor before you started it??
  15. TurboCrazy

    Why do turbo regale defy 1/4 mile calculators

    X2 Wallace racing calculator is the one I use most also.(y)
  16. TurboCrazy

    Need 87 GN Frame dimensions

    This what your looking for?
  17. TurboCrazy

    O-ringed block

    turbo89- That is good information to know! In the past I have passed on a couple different really good deals on blocks, because they were o-ringed & I didn't want to mess the o-ring thing.:cautious: Oh well, I plenty of stage blocks anyway. I did the o-ringed heads back when it was the thing. It...
  18. TurboCrazy

    O-ringed block

    Dank, good info if you want to use the o-ring grooves in the block as intended.(y) I was under the impression that the OP was looking for a way to use the block without dealing with the o-rings or decking the block to get rid of the o-ring grooves? If this is not the case, then ignore my...
  19. TurboCrazy

    O-ringed block

    I think I read somewhere that someone measured the width & depth of the o-ring groove. Then got copper wire about the same size(maybe slightly over sized), & gently tapped that down into the o-ring groove. This filled the o-ring groove, & allowed the use of the gasket of choice.
  20. TurboCrazy

    Copper gaskets or not !

    Tap the threads & use copper anti-seize. (y)