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  1. TurboCrazy

    Some Buick History

    Does anyone recognize this??? I few might? If you have a Power Source book you should! :-)
  2. TurboCrazy

    DLS (Dan Strezo) Double roller chain tensioner

    OK, seems no one is making an aftermarket tensioner now. I am in need of one to get Dad's motor back together. It's a long story, but trust me it is the only option left. Can someone provide a good picture of the DLS tensioner? TIA
  3. TurboCrazy

    Oncenter stage II

    OK, putting one of my on-center stage IIs together. I have misplaced my folder with all my notes, facts, and tibits of info. Do I have to mill 0.120" off the front cover or not? It has been 3 yrs. or more since I messed with my stageII stuff, so with out my notes I just can't remember. Can...
  4. TurboCrazy

    OBD II scanner

    OK, I have put off buying an OBD II scanner for way too long! Ofcoase, I have put it off until I really need one. What are the best cheap ones, and what are best bargians if you spend some $$ ($1000 or less)?? Give me some options, and what your experiences have been. Thanks in advance. Brandon
  5. TurboCrazy

    BMS crank

    I posted this in parts wanted, but since its for one of my S2's.:biggrin: I'm in need of a 3.625 stroke, narrow journal BMS crank. Found a crack in the one I was going to use!:mad: Have everything to put this motor together, except now I need a crank. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Brandon
  6. TurboCrazy

    phone #

    Anyone have the phone # for Crankshaft Specialties in Memphis, Tn? I can't seem to find it. Thanks, Brandon
  7. TurboCrazy


    OK, so did anyone else get another copy of the Nov/Dec GSX-tra?? Talked to my Dad this evening and I know he did. Anybody know what the hell is going on with this???????? Brandon
  8. TurboCrazy

    153 block torque specs

    Hey Guys, I can't find my sheet that I had torque specs on.:frown: I need torque #'s for the splayed bolts and cross bolts.:) Thanks, Brandon
  9. TurboCrazy


    Disassembling my TTA for some chassis work and upgrading. Since I'm a newbie to TTA's, I found a couple interesting things I have questions about. :biggrin: Are all TTA's equipped with the strobes? The GM security box under the dash, is it hard to disconnect and can anyone tell me how? I do not...
  10. TurboCrazy

    Log in????

    Why have I had to log in to the board the last 3 days in a row???? :(
  11. TurboCrazy

    New plastic backed headliner

    Anyone installed one of these headliners, yet? What did you think? I just installed one in Dads Turbo-T today. The plastic back board is nice. It's cool that you can bend it without hurting it. The material appears to be top quality. Just what alot of us have been needing. A two hour...