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  1. Loubo87

    2021 Illinois Gas Stations Who Sell = Race Fuel, High Octane Gas?

    Speedway 15551 w 143rd st. Homer Glen 60491 110 leaded
  2. Loubo87

    Looking for stock turbo.
  3. Loubo87

    Dent removal/Cracked paint??

    I had mine done and it turned out real well. Had some dings in almost every panel, No issues.
  4. Loubo87

    Black Beauty Kicks Butt

    Those videos are taken in the south side of Chicago. Mexico to throw everybody off. Had me going until I recognized some of the streets lol. Some well known street racing spots back in the day.
  5. Loubo87

    WTB HRparts poly mounts

    Preferably new or slightly used. Thanks
  6. Loubo87

    WTB 109 block