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  1. achalmersman

    .001 oversized mains? MS-960p ?

    So I have calico coated MS-960p main bearings. My clearances are tight and I would like to have a set of oversize 0.001 bearings to try to mix and match and I can have them coated. I can't find anything that shows the ms960p as being available in +.001. Any suggestions or NOS parts anyone knows...
  2. achalmersman

    #051 for sale in Dover DE

    Hi, this is an FYI post only. I am not the owner of this car. My brother is a salesman at the local Chevrolet dealership and when I found out the owner had a GNx on the showroom floor for sale I had to go see it :) Please direct any questions to my brother his cell is (without the X's)...
  3. achalmersman

    IDPA pistol matches anyone?

    Anyone into IDPA?. I started late last year around November going to local matches near me. Just bought a GoPro and took my first GoPro video of a match. Anyone on here do IDPA or USPSA? Sent from my VS990 using Tapatalk
  4. achalmersman

    New Gun safe

    Bought a new gun safe. Superior Safe Companys "Untouchable" series 45. Weighs 1725 lbs. Getting it into my living room was a real treat. Has 1/4" plate steel body, 1/2" plate steel door, triple fire seals, 3 relockers (with glass relocker). Fire rating is 110 minutes at 1865°. The boltworks...
  5. achalmersman

    Like Button in Tapatalk

    Asked about this a while back and never got a response. Why is there no Like button in tapatalk like there used to be? Other forums I browse with tapatalk have the like button and this one used to. No trees were harmed in the sending of this message, however, a significant number of...
  6. achalmersman

    88hurstolds great seller

    Bought a sheetmetal trans pan from him. Shipped immediately and sent tracking number. Packaged nicey and brand new as described. Thanks No trees were harmed in the sending of this message, however, a significant number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.
  7. achalmersman

    Tapatalk app issues

    Hey, am I the only one that has had the "like" button (thumbs up) missing from the Tapatalk app for a looong time? The button is there for other forums. I unfollowed and when I tried to look it back up to re-follow (just wanted to try) now its not even found when searching for...
  8. achalmersman

    achalmersman stroker 4.1 build (291 block)

    Well I figured it may be fun to document my 4.1 build in a thread. I have chosen to build a 291 block that I acquired a couple of years ago. Just got the block back from the machine shop so now I'm going to start thinking about the rotating assembly. Machine work so far was done by Bill...
  9. achalmersman

    Buick Powersource/ Question

    Hi, looking for a Buick Powersource manual. Are there different editions of this book? I see a couple on eBay but not sure about the year. Is a 1985 edition relavent? Thanks / let me know what you've got. Andrew Sent from my VS990 using Tapatalk
  10. achalmersman

    How many inputs possible with PL/SD2

    Im thinking the only answer to my question is XFI. I have PL, SM, SMG, and SD2 (currently using TT 6.1) When I go SD2 I would love to be able to log more. Is there any way to reconfigure things like the EGT input on the PL board to log more stuff? Is there any way to create an extended AUX...
  11. achalmersman

    10's on unopened longblock & 93/meth

    Well I achieved my personal goal today 1st and only run of the day. I ran a 10.99 @ 121.89 on my unopened long block with 93 / meth & the same used drag radials I run on the street, full weight t-top car. Special thanks to Bison whom I finally met in person this weekend and helped me install...
  12. achalmersman

    Cecil show ?s

    Hi guys. Tried searching and cant find a post or page about the upcoming show. What days will the track be available for T&T im not going to be actually racing my car in any kind of class or anything. Id just like to run it and T&T. Is it only Friday and Saturday? Sent from my VS990 using...
  13. achalmersman

    759 Pictures from 2015 GS Nats

    Sorry its been a year.... been busy, forgot I had these, etc. Please enjoy these pictures. Sorry there are so many to sort through. If you see your car you can download the full resolution images by clicking the little download symbol. The downloads are free I am NOT selling pictures here...
  14. achalmersman

    Bore Gauge Recommendation?

    I don't currently have any precision tools for measuring cylinders, mains, rods, etc. I was looking at this kit from Fowler. Any feedback? The 0.0001" dial gauges are more expensive than this digital gauge that has a resolution of 0.00005". Looking for any feedback on these. Not trying to...
  15. achalmersman

    Alternative to NGK BCR8ES?

    Anybody know an alternative to the NGK BCR8ES spark plug? Looking for a resistor core, non projected tip, 3/4" reach, 14mm plug for my new TA SE heads. These are a bitch to get in the US as other users have found also. Sent from my VS990 using Tapatalk
  16. achalmersman

    WTB fuel rails for stock intake / external regulator

    Looking to buy or trade. Looking for champion fuel rails to dual feed the stock intake and use an external regulator. I have the champion rails for use with stock style regulator and lines brand new in the box. Would also consider Cruz Performance rails if they are not black. Not interested...
  17. achalmersman

    Kirbans Performance new aluminum reproduction brake drums

    Just wanted to say thanks to Dennis at Kirbans Performance for working diligently to bring this awesome new reproduction part to market. I was the lucky individual that won his contest and received a new set of these drums this week. This is a very nicely made part. I will attach some photos...
  18. achalmersman

    Don Cruz aka Cruz Performance in Tampa

    Don was VERY responsive. Transaction completed entirely via text message and Paypal. Answered his texts even on weekend, etc. Shipped fast and his custom parts look great. Looking forward to putting them on an intake. Sent from my VS990 using Tapatalk
  19. achalmersman

    Steve Monroe aka A+

    Steve's website was down. Emailed him and placed an order by paying via paypal. He shipped immediately got parts fast. Heres a picture of one of his plenums next to a dirty core I have laying around. Sent from my VS990 using Tapatalk
  20. achalmersman

    32' Gooseneck 2013 ATC all Aluminum *pending sale

    32' ATC gooseneck trailer. If you don't know the ATC name please look it up. This is the king of enclosed aluminum custom built trailers. This is a 2013 32' enclosed trailer I had custom built. I tried to future proof it as best as possible. No expense was spared, if I thought it would benefit...