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  1. joed

    Paint stains from cover, need removal advice

    Needed the room in garage for a couple weeks so put the 86 GN (original lacquer) outdoors with new "waterproof" cover for the first time ever. Left it through a few hot days and a couple rains, not thinking anything of it. This is what I found on hood, roof, fenders when I uncovered it to bring...
  2. joed

    109 Crankshaft needed, options? availability?

    Motor at machine shop, looks like I probably need a crank. Need some advice from the brain trust.... It's an 86 GN street car driven 500-1000 miles per year with 1-2 trips to track per season. Built for low 11's all the time street/strip, and maybe push it to run a high 10 one day to say that I...
  3. joed

    brass oil block leak, fresh build

    I know this has been posted before but can't seem to find a clear answer. Also don't want to make a big issue of an NPT thread leak for under 100 psi. Simple solution should work. I should have adressed this when assembling but somehow I didn't. When screwing in the brass block to the engine...
  4. joed

    Exhaust leak at downpipe / turbo

    Just found this leak that I originally thought was from the wastegate pivot rod...but now that it's apart I see the flange was not sealed at the bottom. What's best way to solve this? Also, does anyone recognize what downpipe this is? Bought from a member too long ago and no idea who made it.
  5. joed

    Vacuum block unknown fitting

    Got this from a board member a while back never noticed that it wasn’t a barbed fitting. Has anyone seen this fitting for vacuum brake booster? Can someone identify what it connects to? I think is threaded into block..can I get a replacement? Hole is .250, large diameter is .500” Thanks for any...
  6. joed

    Please check this turbine wheel

    This is an old Turbonetics bought from Eastern Performance back in 2001. They called it Stage 5, 600 HP (HI FI) (??) It only has around 2000 miles. Just took the DP off to inspect WG puck and found this.....
  7. joed

    FMIC for sale or trade for SLIC (not stock)

    Have ESP FMIC in nice condition with all parts, looks very similar to precision. Would be interested in a big neck stock stretch or aftermarket SLIC. I have several stock IC's so don't want more. Let me know what you have and if you want trade or $$. Will post pics of SLIC later. Thanks for looking.
  8. joed

    SLIC Wanted, $ or trade for FMIC

    Have ESP FMIC in nice condition with all parts. Would be interested in a big neck stock stretch or aftermarket SLIC. Let me know what you have and if you want trade or $$. Will post pics of SLIC later. Thanks for looking.
  9. joed

    Anyone near Bartlesville, Oklahoma?

    I'm looking for someone near this area. I'm thinking of buying a truck from a dealer and could use a car guy to check it out for me, maybe take for an inspection at local shop. Long story how I got onto this truck but now I am. PM me if you can help. Thanks, JoeD
  10. joed

    Hydraulic circuit diagram for TR 2004R

    Gone through the trans BRF VB with Bruce (WE4) and the rest of assembly with knowledgable support of local friend and Buick specialst, Phil@Master Tech. It's now fresh working, EXCEPT what seems to be the last issue. 2-3 upshift is very late at part throttle, around 3000-3200 rpm (around 1000...
  11. joed

    PowerLogger not reading AFR, #3

    Just put my wideband in the car, no reading in PL, showing 0.0002V in setup screen, should be 0-5V or ~2.3@ idle. Tested voltage at the input board and it's there. I can swap out the USB to PC....anyone have PL drop a channel before? Bad cable or input board? Is the cable to the input board...
  12. joed

    Wheel Well Moldings - Black

    Anyone have VG used or know where they sell new OE or Repro? Someone posted a set a while back but were never able to respond to me with info. Do G Bodies have them in common or specific to division? Thanks for any input.
  13. joed

    are you guys getting email notifications?

    I'm set up for email notifications for all my subscribed threads (by checking that little box "and receive email notifications"), have been getting them for a long time, and I really like when I flip over and look at new email and have a couple interesting titles from BOOST! However, as of 3/14...
  14. joed

    Opinions on valve springs for hyd roller cam/lifter/rocker street motor

    I'm finally finishing a freshened stock shortblock, low 11 second street motor for 100k miles;) we hope. 206/206 HYD roller cam, Tom at Champion used PAC 1201's I believe on my full port iron heads. Track maybe 3-4 times per year, may turn it up for a high 10 second pass one day. Is there a good...
  15. joed

    Used set roller lifters

    853s used but great shape bought from board member, $240
  16. joed

    LT1 3 inch MAF Identification

    I'm hoping someone can help me identify these apparently identical LT1 MAF's. I got the both used, and I was told by both sellers they were thought to be GM or Delco. However, I don't see any markings along those lines. I just found it weird that I got the identical unit from 2 totally...
  17. joed

    AEM 30-0300 Wideband wont fit gauge holder

    Never mounted the gauge that came with my old Innovate LC-1 for many years with out WB gauge, just logged in PL. The AEM Gauge is pretty nice, got the white face to match and I thought it would be nice to keep an eye on things. Pulled out all the dual gauge stuff, remounting with WB up in the...
  18. joed

    Driver Side A-pillar

    Looking for one, for under my 3 gage A-Pillar pod. Condition not too important.
  19. joed

    Big neck stock IC - Mease Performance

    Stock IC with big neck. very good condition. The first row of fins on the back side are bent from when my IC fan threw a blade. Otherwise, very nice. $250 + fees and shipping. New price $225.
  20. joed

    84-87 Header Panel (and other parts) delivered to NATS

    I have one in very nice shape, regal. $200 (i'll have to get some pics) Can add headlights, hood ornament and trim, chrome is driver condition add $50. Regal Grill $150 Second one is GN, couple damaged areas $150 (see pics) Can sell with headlights, I may have marker lights, no bezels add $25...