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  1. Reedogg

    engine vibrations / harmonic balancer issues

    I have a never used TA balancer sitting in the garage.
  2. Reedogg

    Finding a GN mechanic

    Dan at GN Northwest is still open. He's in Everett, WA though.
  3. Reedogg

    Stock long block and BRF transmission for sale

    More than a year later. These are still in my garage. See description in original post.
  4. Reedogg

    Fuel pressure at 60LBS and nothing I do to the FPR lowers it.

    Yep, return line restricted. Not able to flow enough. You say your front cover was damaged from the accident - the fuel lines that run along the front of the engine were probably bent or pinched.
  5. Reedogg

    Seattle area engine rebuild?

    Call GN Northwest and ask them who does the machine work on Gene Fleury's engines.
  6. Reedogg

    Anyone ever try to paint the ratty looking firewall

    Just did mine. Engine was on the stand though. Wouldn't attempt with engine in place.
  7. Reedogg

    Door rubber seal - Softening

    The rubber durometer used by door seal manufacturers sucks. I came across a product from Germany called Gummi Pflege Stift a few years ago and I feel like it made a difference on my door seals. I applied it over and over to saturate the seals. It comes in a small bottle with a sponge applicator.
  8. Reedogg

    Clevite bearings from Mike Licht-picture inside

    Mike didn't manufacture the bearings. Vendors just sell parts, they don't inspect everything that goes out the door. Just buy another set and return those. This is how it works. Your attitude often determines how helpful the vendor is. I'll jump through hoops for my customers if they're...
  9. Reedogg

    Valve train tools

    That's what I did. I don't have access to spring testers anymore.
  10. Reedogg

    Air/oil separator video

    Cool video. Just emptied mine yesterday. Mishimoto can. Second time with new engine. Had about 2 oz of oil in it from 200 miles of driving. Also contained a bit of water. This is with the factory pcv and stock type valley intake gasket. Seems high to me. This engine pulls 21 inches of vacuum at...
  11. Reedogg

    4th Gen F-body Seat Belt Guide.

    Just installed a set of seat belt guides from a 4th gen Camaro convertible. Most do the 3rd gen guide but I think this one is better. Fastener spacing is the same. It lowers the path of the belt over your shoulder even more than the 3rd gen guide. I'm 5'10" and the belt path is perfect. If...
  12. Reedogg

    ECUGN and the fallback MAP table

    Hi Andrew, do you have experience using MagaLogViewer with Powerlogger files? I'm stuck uploading the current tune. Powerlogger logs can be downloaded in csv format that MegaLogViewer can read, but the table generator also needs your current tune. The tune isn't in a format that MegaLogViewer...
  13. Reedogg

    Hood Shocks

    Steel hood. No, never bent the hood but it felt like it could when closing it. The supports had too much pressure. Closing took too much force. Right length but like I said, designed for another application. I ditched them and bought a set from Rock Auto.
  14. Reedogg

    Hood Shocks

    Yes, I had a set a few years ago that practically bent the hood into a taco. They never loosened up. They weren't specific to the car. I've also seen different supports for fiberglass and steel hoods advertised for our cars.
  15. Reedogg

    New oil catch can thread

    Great mod. Every TB should have one. Run it off the pcv to meter the flow. Mine is a Mishimoto compact can.
  16. Reedogg

    Crane Cams HI-65 Ignition box / QTP 3” Cutout

    I'll take the cutout if dank GN isn't interested. Send me the total shipped to 98026.
  17. Reedogg

    Stock long block and BRF transmission for sale

    Offering these locally for someone to pick up. Factory long block from my 87 T. 125,000K. It blew a head gasket about 6 months ago and immediately removed from the car. #3 cylinder blew into lifter valley. No coolant in oil. I believe it's never been opened up except to replace the timing...
  18. Reedogg

    Valve cover issues

    I have a set of Champion valve covers to sell just like the ones in jasjams photo. Great condition. I actually just bought a set of the tall TA covers like yours a month ago because I prefer those. My car has no AC box.
  19. Reedogg

    Blk GN Body Side Molding

    This is a reproduction of the the black rivet-on molding I have on my car. This is the only place I've seen it. I've had no luck getting an email from from them.