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    Bikers input welcome

    I have not touched a bike in 27 years or so. Not trying to set a stage, but just trying to let people understand where I used to be with a bike in order to maybe provide some perspective. My last bike was a 1993 Kawasaki 750 Zephyr. I have also owned multiple on/off road and dirt bikes back in...
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    Alky Parts, Fuel Pump, Boost Gauge, Intercooler

    Alky Reservoir - SOLD Alky Controller - SOLD Pro Comp boost guage plus good 1/8 compression fittings minus nylon tube - $45.00 shipped DW300 Fuel Pump (new) - $100.00 Shipped Dutt Neck Stock Intercooler -$150.00 shipping not included.
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    Turbo, Pump, Injectors, Misc Parts

    Parts for sale. Please post here as I will look at the first post for a part in this thread as first in line. I have a new set of injectors and a pump, was going to try an E85 conversion and changed my mind. Plus the pump/injectors may be to small for an E85 conversion. Turbo has no shaft play...
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    Stock dog house/ upper plenum

    Looking for a clean stock dog house/upper plenum. Will pay $50 shipped to 12123.
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    The Perfect Combination

    Feel free to post up what you think the perfect combo is, but I will say my car is exactly what I want (minus a few refinements). I always have maintenance to do like everybody, but man I really like the car right now. So FOR ME, this is the perfect combo just to elaborate a little on my sig...
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    So I used to drink heavily in my younger days like many. So I kind of quit drinking a lot. Have moderated significantly for the last few decades. So yesterday while I was grilling (a typical weekend) the best bone in skin on chicken thighs on the planet, I decided I was only going to have a...
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    Boost actuated exhaust dump

    Anybody run a boost actuated dump valve. I installed a 2.5" boost actuated dump from loud valves. You can but the same Chinese stuff from other places for half the price, but I wanted to make sure I got what I asked for. The Chinese stuff is boost or vacuum actuated and you may not get what...
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    Vodka preference

    I am not a fan of the french, but Grey Goose is my favorite vodka! I love a good martini. I deny myself the pleasure for months at a time because I really could drink a few every day. To the vodka drinkers, what is your favorite vodka? (P.S. I am on my third double as i write this. I love...
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    Knock system

    I have noticed that I seem to tickle the knock retard a little bit with no discernible pattern, and maybe more so than others with what I would think are similar conditions. I have noticed that it seems intermittent and does not seem to be affected by timing or boost changes. In the past I...
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    Chuck Leeper Injector clean/flow

    If you need your injectors cleaned and flowed, send them to Chuck.
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    Finally a real spring day in upstate .

    Finally, a real spring day in upstate . Fajitas on the grill and margaritas!
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    Transmission inspection question

    If you look at the following thread you can see I had a crank failure which took out the block. The block around the rear main was blown apart, so it put a fair amount of stress on the torque converter. Flywheel was thrusted toward the trans and the flywheel is bent. Anyway to do an...
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    Engine Failure

    I will post more details as I get them, just passing along my experience. I have a stock short block, that I have disassembled and checked, reassembled and have run for a while. This has been a hobby and learning experience for me just to qualify. Short block had a 110K miles on it, around...
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    I would like to hear some expert opinion on crankshafts. A lot gets bandied about, but experience is extremely valuable. I have some basic engineering understanding, but would like to hear what has worked and under what conditions. The choices are cast, forged, and billet. Cast is the...
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    Converter Info

    Looking to get some converter numbers for those willing to post. Looking only for 1/4 mile numbers. Even though it may not be the perfect way to check slip only interested in time slip mph and logged rpm. This is a good way to see converter performance. My next one will be a NLU, but would...
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    Turbine Housing

    I'm not looking for performance improvements at this point, just some discussion if anybody has some information. For the turbine housing A/R calculation, the area used is the area right at the tongue entering the volute. Also looking at the housing, it has what I would call a “radial nozzle”...
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    Some of my experience with the Bison alky plate amoung other things.

    I am adding some more info to continue communicating my opinion and experience. Bison had recommended a few things to help me dial in my combo in the last thread. Logging alky pressure was one of them, which I will add that feature in the not to distant future(should have done this already)...
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    Some winter discussion

    This is just some thought for the winter season, even if I knew exactly how to do it, I don’t have the money or expertise to build it. But anyways, for discussion here is something to think about. Fluid couplings are routinely used in industry with variable speed control. The fluid coupling...
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    Veterans Day

    Thanks Veterans.
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    Husek Transmission

    Dave built my transmission, his standard build with his 2600-2800 9.5" stall convertor. I am a happy customer. I have to update my signature, but I also picked up a comp 206/206 roller (Dave selected the grind), a set of stock ported heads, Red's XP pump, and Dave had a fresh Bison TE-44 on the...