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  1. salvageV6

    Done gone and did it now…

    Steve Yaklin made thumbwheel chips, they worked. Now I feel old. o_O Eric had to learn something from someone. ;) Even bruce is on that old time thread. :cool:
  2. salvageV6

    Anyone Else Have This Problem?

    Here's my Cassette Deck I picked up for $700 back in Y2K. Worth about $2,500 now with the cool wired remote control. :p Sometimes collecting olde tyme junk works. :cool: Got a $1400 Samsung TV from 2014 that's a large paperweight now, bought a new Sony for $800 that has a much better...
  3. salvageV6

    Anyone Else Have This Problem?

    Not at all, my 1968 turntable works just fine, and all my old time rock and roll records are worth a ton now. :p
  4. salvageV6

    Exhaust questions for a stock-ish ‘87 GN

    Shutting off the EGR in the chip or by plugging the hole in the head is just as illegal as a hollow cat. o_O :p I hear all the new replacement cat.s. for our cars are the see-through versions now.... ;)
  5. salvageV6

    Boost sensor cable?

    This might work as a substitute as well, hard plastic line.
  6. salvageV6

    Idiot Light Troubleshooting Help?

    Could easily still be the connectors into the back of the dash as well, I'd start there first if you pull the dash out or can get some fingers behind there after removing the lower panel and A/C vent.
  7. salvageV6

    Idiot Light Troubleshooting Help?

    The Gages fuse powers the brake indicator and a lot of the other lamps so it's most likely a connection issue at the printed circuit, or in the connectors that plug into the digital dash itself, I would re-seat those connectors. The gages fuse also powers the oil, volts, and water temp. lamps...
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    First 87 1 Blown Head Gasket....HELP!!

    What tires were you melting in that video? :cool:
  9. salvageV6

    water pump running ignition off

    <iframe width="427" height="240" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  10. salvageV6

    water pump running ignition off

    Probably a car with a Kenne Bell aftercooler. :cool: If you can run an 11 second quarter mile with the engine off that's it for sure. Post up some pics. of the engine bay or your greenhouse..... o_O
  11. salvageV6

    Fuel "Injectors" - Recommendations

    I use the Bosch Limetop 42lb. Ford Lightning injectors in the GN, Turbotweak chip for a stock MAF or simple translator setup and the Turbobob (Extender Extreme chip with proper supporting translator and upgraded MAF) have worked well on my daily driver. New fuel pump, hotwire and decent...
  12. salvageV6

    Whole Shit Pot of Buick Parts & Collectables

    I'd like to collect some chime modules, shipping 06518. PM me a total price Paypal if they are still available. No rush. PS: That defroster switch works great a must have for a car with leaks. :oops:
  13. salvageV6

    oil feed side of block

    The O.E. switch will get power to your fuel pump or hot wire relay once the car produces 4psi. oil pressure when cranking. So if there's an issue with the stock relay or ECM fuel pump prime circuit you won't be left dead trying to start or drive the car. It also runs the idiot light which...
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    They look good on a 1987 T-Type. :cool: ;) :coffee:
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    Wize azz.... :rolleyes: :p I only lie about unimportant stuff, a good set of mud flaps is very important. See what happens when you take them off the back end? :eek: ;) Second pic. is Cottons winter get together back in the day parked on the street. :) Don't have them on my current...
  16. salvageV6

    Grand National ownership outweighs the potential monetary pitfalls

    Or a Jaguar.... It's amazing who they get to write about our cars. o_O " Douglas Hamilton is a British gearhead with a degree in Literature. He grew up surrounded by F1, Need For Speed and Classic Cars. He has a worrying obsession with Jaguar. "
  17. salvageV6

    Grand National Original Floor Mats

    Well I guess that proves if you have no codes the mats were added by..... ;) Back to the OP's original question requesting what they looked like, would be nice to see the B32 next to a B34 and B33 next to a B35. Since they were optional would be nice to see them as listed out on a window...
  18. salvageV6

    Grand National Original Floor Mats

    Here's a pic. of an RPO Code from a decently optioned 1987 GN and no mat codes. Easy to post up with a little Paint mod. if you don't need to show your VIN number in full. Car was painted and the sticker re-applied in the wrong direction but it's original to the car. Mats were easy to come...
  19. salvageV6

    Grand National Original Floor Mats

    Bummer, I've seen the codes listed on 1986 stickers and optional pricing charges on window stickers from that year but can't find any of the four codes on a 1987 sticker. My car doesn't list the codes on the sticker but I bought it used so I can't tell if it came with any mats from the...
  20. salvageV6

    Grand National Original Floor Mats

    Are the codes I listed for mats on your RPO sticker? :cool: