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  1. Chris Robertson

    Seal for master cylinder lid rubber gasket

    Anyone know where I can get a new seal for the LId? 1987 Turbo T. When I pump my breaks with engine off I can hear itt letting air out. Is this normal? I just put all new brakes and fluid in and now it makes a leaking air sound when I slowly pump breaks. Pedal is soft due to leaking I think. No...
  2. Chris Robertson

    Brake help

    Ok. Read what everone sent me and Im confused. Tag on my radiator cover says buick and appears brake recall was done. Accumulator ball is aftermarket as the name is hydac. switch is grey and motor looks new and shiney. When key is off I go to pump brakes and its as i have no real pedal feeling...
  3. Chris Robertson

    Rear brake cylinders

    I thought someone said when you put new brakes on back to put s10 1" bore wheel cylinders in. Any idea what year. Also getting new shoes and repo aluminum brake drums. Should i get rivited or bonded? Help please.
  4. Chris Robertson

    Powermaster running all the time.

    Motor running. Brake light flashed 2 times in last 100 miles. No loss of power or fluid I can see. Please help me in the correct direction.
  5. Chris Robertson

    1987 Turbo T wheels need refinished

    Anyone direct me as to where to send them. They just have accumulated brake dust and years of fading. Want to put new tires on so I would like tgem refurbished. Who do i send them to?
  6. Chris Robertson

    Redo my 87 turbo T wheels

    Who can I semd them to to make them look new again. Want to put new tires on for this spring. Can anyone help me as to what size for front and rear. Plus I have an extra set of rims I would like to put drag radials on. Stock car now but want to put bigger turbo, intercooler, injectors in. Have...