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  1. Ktbregal

    Rear end

    Does anybody have pictures of factory spider gears and or clutch pack. I'm realizing that our cars have a unique clutch pack and spider gears then other 8.5 10 bolt. Please help
  2. Ktbregal

    Factory spider gear set

    Does anyone have a set laying around. I need soon as possible, thanks.
  3. Ktbregal

    Hood shock

    Anyone want to trade 1 bad shock for a good shock
  4. Ktbregal


    Just checking to see if anyone has a GN 1 3" exhaust they are looking to sell?
  5. Ktbregal


    I'm looking to see if anyone is selling a decent 3" exhaust.
  6. Ktbregal

    Front bumper turn signal lamps

    Looking for a nice used set of front turn signal lights. Thanks guys
  7. Ktbregal

    Shipping advice

    I need to ship a transmission to Dave. Fastenal is not shipping or receiving up there. Any other ideas. Thanjs
  8. Ktbregal

    Intreped fans fours seasons part # 75203

    I recently purchased the four seasons fans and Caspers plug and play harness. The fans are not coming on. Can someone Please tell me what wires to move around , so the ecm will turn them on low speed and high? Thanks
  9. Ktbregal

    Rear end clutches

    Can anyone tell me where to buy a good clutch kit for a reasonable price? Thanks
  10. Ktbregal


    Has anyone on here wrapped their car. I'm curious to now how it looked, durability and cost?
  11. Ktbregal

    Exhaust flange

    Does anyone know if I could buy the flange that bolts to the cat. I want to have my exhaust built.
  12. Ktbregal


    Just wondering if anyone has a used 3" exhaust with or without mufflers? I have new mufflers. Thanks
  13. Ktbregal

    80lb. Chip

    He thg guys I'm looking for a E85 or 80lb. Low boost chip
  14. Ktbregal

    Torque converter cleaning

    Mr. Richard, how much do you charge to flush a torque converter? Thank you
  15. Ktbregal

    Torque converter cleaning

    How can my converter get flushed out? Clutches burned up in my transmission and I would like to use it again.
  16. Ktbregal

    SS Headers

    I purchased these from a member a year ago.I was told these are SE SS headers from Buick Performance I believe. I mocked them up on my motor and the cross over pipe flange was a little off from the driver side. These are heavy flange and are brand new. 350 and you pay for shipping. If you...
  17. Ktbregal

    TPS volts

    Ok has anyone seen the TPS volts change by dropping volts at idle in closed loop? I've tried other TPS units. We have a new Snap on scan tool and we are back probing the connector. We set the volts with a meter and at the same time we are watching on the scanner what the ecm is commanding. The...
  18. Ktbregal

    Sportsman and E85

    Is there anyone running these two together? I want to go with the Sportsman and we just started getting E85 local. Any thoughts? Thanks
  19. Ktbregal


    My website page has not been the same since it came back on. I'm missing stuff.
  20. Ktbregal

    TT chip

    Looking for a TT 80lb. Non Alky chip. I was wondering if anyone had a used one out there?