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  1. Squid4life

    GNX 109 and 118

    So a few years ago I had seen GNX 118 owned by a gentleman here on the island of Oahu, (original owner who damn near daily drives it) Hawaii but apparently #109 is here as well. Just got pics sent to me by an auto detailer that had detailed 109. Wasn't sure if anyone was tracking it's...
  2. Squid4life


    **PLEASE READ. TURBO BUICK MEMBER IN NEED.** I was contacted by someone who is in need of a clean, non-welded, great shape drivers side turbo manifold. There is a young lady who brought a GN in for repair. It was her husbands, who was an Army EOD tech, and he was killed in action. She wants it...
  3. Squid4life

    **PLEASE READ. TURBO BUICK MEMBER IN NEED.** Need very nice drivers side header

    **PLEASE READ. TURBO BUICK MEMBER IN NEED.** I was contacted by someone who is in need of a clean, non-welded, great shape drivers side turbo manifold. There is a young lady who brought a GN in for repair. It was her husbands, who was an Army EOD tech, and he was killed in action. She wants it...
  4. Squid4life

    WTB ATR exhaust

    Anyone have an ATR exhaust laying around they'd like to sell? If so, price shipped to 90220, CA. (I am in Hawaii, so probably cheaper to ship to my freight forwarder in CA...) Will entertain a dual 2.5", dual 3.0", single 3". Will also entertain just ATR mufflers. Anyone?
  5. Squid4life

    MAF Translator question

    Ok, mostly stock GN started acting up and I’m getting code 34 for MAF. Most of my spare MAFs have seen better days so probably time to upgrade. In a box of parts I got a MAF Translator, although the label is rough so can’t tell which version other than “version 6”. It may have been used in a...
  6. Squid4life

    Bushed lifters for Stage 2?

    Looking around for new lifters for the oncenter stage 2, not really wanting to run any of the used sets I have if I can find a bushed set, is that a thing? Are there any out there that are not needle bearing. Anyone carrying or making them? If not, what’s the best option? Oncenter SII, SII...
  7. Squid4life

    Stage 2: Which cam?

    So I have 2 cams I can choose from for my Stage 2 that is coming together soon. I should have cam cards for each of them from when I had Crower spin them when I still lived in SoCal, but don't have access to them at the moment, so this is the info I have for each: Cam 1: New Reed hyd roller...
  8. Squid4life

    XFI 2.0 with eDash, Coach’s bracket, etc

    Bought this on here from 83 intercooled back in Sept for $1350 plus shipping. I recently got an XFI underseat bracket from Coach for it too. Asking $1500 shipped, insured, paypal fees covered. I never installed, it just sat here while I collect parts for the SII build. Decided to go Holley EFI...
  9. Squid4life

    WTB: Dutt neck?

    Anyone have a dutt neck laying around? Prefer just the neck, not a complete IC because shipping would suck to Hawaii, but if price is right would consider it. Shipping to 96789 (HI) or 90220 (CA) if need be.
  10. Squid4life

    XFI 2.0 with eDash. Still need Scanmaster?

    I have an XFI 2.0 and eDash, might be picking up a clean mostly stock 87 GN. It has the GNX cluster so has most gauges you'd normally put on the A pillar or console. I don't want to add a bunch of gauges and extra crap, want to keep it simple, but also monitor vitals. I have a fully built on...
  11. Squid4life

    Stage II heads and AC box, delete heat?

    I know there is the Norbs thread, went through all 57+ pages of it the other night, and didn’t really see anything. I know Nick M has a killer Vintage Air setup that works well, but it’s out of my price range. I have seen the ATR kidney plates, read of smaller heater cores being used. I was...
  12. Squid4life

    Anyone doing VIN checks?

    Have a GN I’d like to VIN verify if possible. Can PayPal for your time. PM me, or reply here and I’ll PM VIN. thank you in advance.
  13. Squid4life

    Rear LCA measurement?

    So I have a handful of control arms laying around from all the Jeeps I install lifts on, and was looking at the straight lowers thinking it’d be sweet if I could mod these to fit the GN. Car is not at my place though. Can anyone tell me the width of the end, as in where the bushing is? Or if you...
  14. Squid4life

    WTB: Jeep Grand Cherokee steering shaft

    We don’t have many junk yards here on this little ~44 mile long rock in the middle of the Pacific, so hoping someone has one of these laying around. Also hope it’ll squeeze into a flat rate box? Price shipped to 96789 Mililani, HI. If that shipping is too much, can ship to my freight forwarder...
  15. Squid4life

    WTB: Stage II valve covers

    Looking for a set or two of Stage II valve covers. Need one set, preferably a nicer set for a street car, and another set can be a little uglier. ugly set is going on a beater SII engine for some local dirt drags possibly. Shipping to 90220.
  16. Squid4life

    WTB: 86/7 power steering reservoir

    Anyone have one laying around they want to get rid of? Shipping to 90220 (or 96789 Hawaii if not too horrible)
  17. Squid4life

    Drop in HEI distributor for engine stand break in?

    Odd question that I can't find an answer for... If I was to have a Turbo Buick on an engine test stand just to do testing, heat cycles, break in, etc, can you remove cam sensor and drop in a basic HEI distributor for even fire in its place? I want the engine stand to be pretty basic, and one...
  18. Squid4life

    Spoolfool Fillers, anyone in HI need?

    Hey guys, I am going to try to hook up with Mike, aka Spoolfool and get a set of his bumper fillers out here for my turd. Shipping is same price if we order 2-3 sets, wanted to see if anyone else needed a set and wanted to split shipping costs. Anyone else in need?
  19. Squid4life

    WTB NA Stage II headers, intake, etc

    Building up my GN, which will get its Stage II once I get the body/interior/fuel/efi stuff figured out, but in the meantime I am considering throwing together a beater, low budget NA Stage II for the local dirt drags. I think it’d be fun to throw a nasty NA BMS V6 in something, put some boggers...
  20. Squid4life

    WTB: 109 main caps/ bolts/ studs

    Got a standard bore 109 included with a car I bought, but guy lost main caps and bolts. I know caps from another engine (factory or billet) will require machining and won’t just bolt on, but I don’t want to waste this block. Anyone recently do all 4 billet caps and want to get rid of their...