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  1. TType85

    Logging Trans Temp and Pressure

    I was looking at this 300psi / 500deg combo sensor to be able to log trans pressure and temp using the test port on the transmission (200r4). Does anyone...
  2. TType85

    Entertaining the thought of a LS/LT swap

    Currently was looking at building/buying a TA motor next year and running my current motor with some more mods till that is done. Unfortunately the 109 short-block I have I don't think will be up to the task (Silvolite pistons, stock caps, stock rods, steel crank) as I was putting on cnc ported...
  3. TType85

    FS: ecuGN, Caspers Harness, Scanmaster G

    Changing directions on my build so I am selling the following: bison built MFS TA-6262, no shaft play maybe 5-6K miles on it, includes inlet bell and HD actuator Sold ECU AND HARNESS SOLD; I took care of the issue I was having and it is sold. All prices are + shipping; paypal goods and...
  4. TType85

    FS: TA-6262 MFS Turbo

    Selling my bison built TA-6262 MFS with a .63 a/r garret housing includes actuator and matched inlet bell. Turbo was built around 2012/13 but only has a few thousand miles on it. No shaft play; no smoke. Local pickup in 92840. $650 firm
  5. TType85

    Looking for a OEM 86/87 fuel tank

    Anybody in SoCal have a OEM fuel tank in good/great condition for sale? Looking for OEM with the plastic sump/baffle only.
  6. TType85

    Fuel Tanks

    I posted this on the FB groups but I know a lot of people here do not go there: Replacement Gas Tanks: Just dropped my tank that is an older Spectra 307C and it only has the small dog dish. What is the best replacement tank? Going to be running E85 and a big pump and the car will be set up to...
  7. TType85

    Looking for modified fuel rail

    Sort of an odd one here. Does anyone have a fuel rail that has been modified to replace the saginaw fitting on the feed side to a -8 (welded, not just a fitting with a seal)?
  8. TType85

    RIP Red Armstrong

    Looks like we lost another of the Turbo Buick greats. RIP Red.
  9. TType85

    FS: Heated O2 Kit, Lorenz Boost Controller

    Selling the following: Caspers Heated o2 Kit; ~1000 miles on the sensor $65 shipped Lorenz Boost Controller with bracket SOLD Paypal goods and services payment only.
  10. TType85

    SOLD: Modded ECM, 55# Injectors, TurboTweak Chips, SD2 Chip

    Moving over to a ecu-GN and E85 so the following are for sale. ECU modified for low-z injectors $200 Siemens 3102 55# low-z Injectors with Turbo Tweak 5.7 Alky chip and emissions chip $125 Powerlogger, includes cables and IO board, no 2.2 Scanmaster chip SOLD Turbotweak SD2 1.2 chip SOLD SOLD...
  11. TType85

    FS: Local pickup only Alky Kit w/ pail of M1, Modded ECM & more

    Converting to ecu-GN and E85 so I have a bunch of parts coming off the car. Complete single nozzle Alky Control kit, pump replaced recently June 2020 only a couple hundred miles on the car since it was put on, includes 2nd pump that could use a rebuild, 3-bar map and a 3/4 full pail of M1...
  12. TType85

    Knock questions

    Installing a ecuGN and got it started. It started and idled and warmed up on the base tune no problem. I have not had a chance drive it but was just looking at idle and giving it a bit of gas in neutral. The knock sensor is being set off just revving and holding it to 2k rpm. It pulls 15deg of...
  13. TType85

    SOLD: Intrepid fans with harness and Scanmaster G

    A few parts for sale. 1. brand new Scanmaster G $210 shipped. 2. Intrepid dual fan setup with relays to hook up to stock harness. There is a crack in part of it where a overflow bottle was hung off it. Does not affect performance; can be glued or epoxied if you are worried about it. $100 +...
  14. TType85

    Vacuum vs Manual brakes

    I am having some issues with my vacuum brakes and am trying to decide if I should go to manual. The car currently has: 1" bore Blazer MC 11" B-Body Booster G-Body vacuum pedal Disc/Disc prop valve. C6 J55 (Z51) calipers [2 piston front, single piston rear] C6 J55 (Z51) rotors [13.4" front, 13"...
  15. TType85

    Ridetech r-joint rear control arms?

    Is anyone running the Ridetech R-Joint rear control arms in their car? If so, how do you like them? I am on the fence of going with those or a Fays2 watts link setup. I have driven Mustangs with a watts link setup and liked the feel compared to the way my Mustang was; but that is a 3-link...
  16. TType85

    RIP Pat Fiero

    Posted on FB; old timers will remember him :) RIP Pat...
  17. TType85

    4-Piston Brembo Brake setup for G-Body

    I have been having issues with getting the setup I want for the car. I have a set of 18x8 and 18x9 GNX style rims that I am using. I was going to use this brake setup but the 18x8 rims need a 15mm spacer to work which makes me a bit un-comfortable since I plan to push the car pretty hard. I...
  18. TType85

    FS: 2 BNIB 18x8 GNX Style wheels (Local to 92840 only)

    **LOCAL TO 92840 ONLY** Selling 2 brand new in box Gbodyparts 18x8 wheels. I ordered the 18x8 and 18x9 set but I need all 4 18x9 to be able to fit my brakes. Selling these for a little discount because shipping back to exchange is expensive. I will need to order 18x9's after these sell. Price...
  19. TType85

    FS: Parts for C5/6 Brake swap on G-Body

    Re-posting this as I am selling it whole not looking to part it out: Selling a set of Blazer ZQ8 spindles, new hubs with ARP 2.5" M12x1.5 studs and Kore3 C5/C6 caliper brackets with all the needed bolts/washers. This will allow you to swap C5/C6 brakes on to a G Body. To complete the setup you...
  20. TType85

    FS: ZQ8 Blazer Spindles, Kore3 C5/C6 Bracket

    Changing directions (again) on my brake upgrade project. I am selling my set of 2WD Blazer spindles ZQ8 and Kore3 brackets. You can use the ZQ8 spindles to upgrade to the 2 piston blazer brakes or add the Kore3 bracket to upgrade to C5/C6 brakes. Spindles include dust shields and all the...