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  1. hflwyo

    Biondo line lock, UMI rear control arms misc items

    Items for sale -Brand new Biondo line lock $60 shipped -Like new UMI rear upper control arms stock length $125 shipped -Brand new Prothane Sway Bar Link 1 package does 1 side $15 shipped -Stock 200r4 pan with new gasket $60 shipped -86-87 valve covers $75 shipped -86-87 turbo elbow $35 shipped...
  2. hflwyo

    Question about #3 body bushing (Prothane)

    So I am in the middle of replacing all my body bushings. I am using the Prothane kit. I know that the #3 bushings are different than the rest in the kit and are assembled different than the rest. But I just can't see how it can go together how the directions want you to. They want you...
  3. hflwyo

    Prothane sway bar link

    I have 1 Prothane sway bar link for 78-87 Gbody. This is only 1 and will do one side. Made in USA. $20 shipped
  4. hflwyo

    Matco Proscan scan tool

    I have a Matco scan tool that works on OBD 11 and OBD 1 vehicles. Software is updated to 2010 domestic and 2010 Asian. Comes with OBD11 cable and Gm, ford and chrysler OBD1 cables. Also has cigarette power cable when using OBD1. $175 shipped.
  5. hflwyo

    First time to track need help building boost on the line

    This is my first time to the track with this car. It has been in the family for 20 years. My dad gave it to me a few years ago. So I have posted a PL file, a video link and the time slip. These are just 1/8 mile runs. So first off I know my 60fts and reaction times are terrible. Reactions...
  6. hflwyo

    Turbotweak chip, Blazer brake upgrade caliper brackets

    Turbotweak street chip for 60lb injectors $75 shipped. Blazer brake upgrade caliper brackets only $20 shipped.
  7. hflwyo

    First data log with wideband chip

    This is my first data log since upgrading to Eric's 6.1 wideband chip and installing a Lorenz racing manual boost controller. Previously I was running his 5.7 chip and still using the factory wastegate solenoid. Wastegate rod is set at 1/8 inch pull to hook on. I hit 25 lbs of boost and...
  8. hflwyo

    Type ll ignition module

    I have a brand new ignition module for type ll ignition setup with mounting bracket. $80 shipped
  9. hflwyo

    4x6 Hella H4 headlight housings

    I have a pair of 4x6 Hella headlight housings that use a H4 capsule type bulb. Housings and bulbs are brand new never used. Housings are glass and not plastic. $75 shipped.
  10. hflwyo

    Russell brake hose orientation

    I just finished installing new front coil springs, blazer front brake setup and Russell front brake hoses. Just curious how others with this setup oriented the banjo fitting at the caliper to get the best clearance from control arm, frame, wheels tires etc. Here is what mine looks like now.
  11. hflwyo

    2020 Buick GS National Questions

    I have been to the Nationals many times but I am planning on bringing my car this year for the first time. If I bring it I will be bringing it on a trailer to race. I have some questions and would appreciate any info or tips that you may have. What do you guys do with your cars at night? I...
  12. hflwyo

    Laptop stand

    Laptop stand barely used. $40 shipped in lower 48.
  13. hflwyo

    Front sway bar fitment question

    I was wondering if anyone knows of a front sway bar that may be angled different that would correct my issue of making contact with the front mount intercooler pipe. I have tried everything and no matter what I do the pipe makes contact with the bar and doesn't line up great. If I take the...
  14. hflwyo

    Driveshaft shopping

    So I am in the market for a driveshaft. I am going chromoly shaft with chromoly trans and pinion yokes. Just not sure if I should get a 3in or 3.5 in shaft and who to buy from. I have checked with PST, Dynotech, Dennys and Strange. Dennys is the most expensive on both sizes. Looks like...
  15. hflwyo

    86-87 Ecm BG delivery

    I have 2 factory Ecm’s That I can bring with me to BG if anyone is interested. $50 each.
  16. hflwyo

    Dual fans installed

    Just thought I would share the new fans I installed. They are from Be Cool #75680. They fit pretty dam good. I decided to use these because I was still using the factory fan and tried a Intrepid fan but was to thick and causing fitment issues with my intercooler pipe. These are the...
  17. hflwyo

    Stock ecm

    Stock ECM with no chips installed. $100 shipped obo.
  18. hflwyo

    Ramchargers/Intrepid fans with Caspers harness

    Brand new never used. Bought and will not work with my intercooler and radiator setup. Caspers harness plugs right into factory harness. Looking to get $150 shipped in lower 48. Probably going to cost $20-30 to ship. If paying PayPal you pay the fees.
  19. hflwyo

    Which vendors will be at BG this year?

    Wondering which vendors will be at Bowling Green this year? Looking at getting some deals.
  20. hflwyo

    Alradco hybrid fan

    I am looking for a Alradco hybrid dual fan setup or something cloee.